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Dead by Daylight Welcomes Horror Icon, Chucky!

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Dead by Daylight is thrilled to welcome the Good Guy himself, Chucky, with a new Chapter that features the infamous killer doll in full murderous glory. He’s also the first Killer to use a third-person camera, which is an exciting change for Dead by Daylight fans.   

Players will be able to customize their little Killer through a series of terrifying Outfits fit for only the most notorious of killers. In a unique twist, players can even go as far as customizing their Killer with The Good Gal Outfit. Inspired by Tiffany Valentine aka the Bride of Chucky and voiced by the legendary Jennifer Tilly, this Outfit brings Chucky’s other half to life like never before.


Chucky also comes with 3 unique character Perks, each one designed to maximize the playful nature of his cruelty. You can read all about them here

I don’t know about you… but this is what literal nightmares are made of all baked into Dead by Daylight. (Imagine me screaming while running away from him, just like this screenshot)



Check out the patch notes here

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That is actually pretty awesome!

Volunteer Moderator

This is great lol