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Journeyman III

Crossfire capable Radeon cards

Hey there AMD community forum users, I'm currently on a journey to build the best bang for the buck crossfire capable computers. As so, I need to know a few things about crossfir'ing. Firstly so I'm having my eyes on 2 Radeon cards, the R9 360 and the HD 7750. Firstyl because they're really cheap and still strong in 2019. Secondly because they're available locally on my area. And finally because my friend have them and I'm willing to help take one of these off of him and buy the same one to crossfire. Which of these cards do I take on this challenge ? And on to the questions :

1. Are these cards even crossfire'able?

2. Do I need a crossfire bridge and where can I get this those officially ?

3. What are some things I need to look out for ?

4. Should I just go with one of AMD APU and use one of the cards route ?

Thanks for your time and have a great day my dudes.

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Depends on what you are building… for a laptop that best bang for the buck would be an up to date a series FX apu etc… acer sells a laptop that uses the fx apu and is designed for gaming, but it is about 500 dollars

If you really want bang for you buck go with the newer Ryzens (desktop or laptop) you can buy the enterprise version which has better security built-in, and has all of the other cool Ryzen features too… (the laptop versions have the Vega architecture on their graphics card… so you can have some cool features in a tiny card like that… and don’t forget four cores helps out a lot on even a casual use laptop…

The thing that gives Ryzen the advantage over the other cards is their sense MI feature, among other things… this constantly tracks what the card is doing, and adjusts stuff for the best proformance, so for the best bang for your buck I would recommend the amd Ryzen 7 pro mobile apu… it is set up for enterprises, and has the best security out of all of the laptop apu’s (the issues is finding a laptop that you like, and sports said Ryzen… for desktops, an FX or a Ryzen will be passable, you just have to know what cards you want and don’t want…etc.

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Both are crossfire compatable and for the 360 i beleive you need a bridge but the  7750 does not need one. If the price is pretty much similar then i would go with the 360's as they are newer than the 7750 and would support more options.

The crossfire bridges are easy to find on amazon and should cause no issues.

I would suggest having the seller show that it is working and maybe run a small benchmark such as heaven benchmark. watch the benchmark for any lines or artifacts while running as this could mean the card is having issues. also listen to what it sounds like. are all the fans spinning up or coil whine. coil whine does not always mean something is wrong but it can be very annoying.

I would suggest if at all posibble to get a ryzen 3 or 5 or APU if that is within your budget. if not then an FX 6300 is a good place to start but the lower IPC can show a little bit in more cpu intensive parts of games.



Don't do it.

Instead of spending money on two AMD GPU's for Crossfire just spend your money on purchasing 1 single higher performance GPU.

I would suggest you try to get your hands on the best an RX400 series GPU you can afford, preferably with 8GB of memory.
Alternatively an R9 Nano with 4GB of HBM.

You should only consider DX11 Crossfire if you need a second GPU for:
(A). ROCm OpenCL Compute (in which case you will need an AMD R9 FuryX/Fury/Nano, or RX 480/580/590 or RX Vega 56/64) .

(B). Blender MultiGPU in which case you will need to run Blender 2.78c or above and AMD GPU with archtecture later than GCN1.0. to get good performance.

Good Luck.


Big Boss

2x RX 560 4G vs 1x RX 470 4G

with a decent OC you would have get better Performance and a lower Price with only 1 RX 470

1080p med settings the RX 580 4G or 590 are KING - they provide 90+ FPS in 1080p with sufficent quality
ps because i stream any like higher FPS i try to stay around +90 FPS - its the new 60fps

but you need a 144hz 1ms screen - maybe even with FreeSync + LFC + Enhanced Sync

like im getting 300FPS in CounterStrike - and i love it

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS