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Journeyman III

Changing Default Gpu Never Works ON LAPTOPS!!!

Here is my laptop: Lenovo Y700-15ACZ Gaming Laptop - 15.6" (1920x1080) | AMD Quad-Core FX-8800P | 1TB | 16GB | AMD Radeon R9 M385 4 GB | Backlit Keyboard |JBL Audio | Windows 10 64-bit (80NY002CUS)

I was one of the first AMD FX 8100 buyers never had any issues. I have a desktop build with an AMD RX 580 8GB, and secondary card is a AMD R9 380X.

Now this falls under the matter of not only false advertisement but terrible software distribution. How do you guys even make money off laptops they seriously don't work. What is the point of having an R9 M385 when only a few games will default to it, but let's say I wanna play Skyrim on max settings well I am out of luck because my laptop defaults to the internal low end card no matter how I setup the Max performance change the default gpu or whatever...... fix your stuff or you will get much worse than a letter in the mail.....

How to Switch Between Graphics and Compute GPU Workloads Within AMD Radeon™ Settings

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Doesn't work^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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I don't believe your laptop has dual graphics, but even if it does those instructions aren't for switching chips or performance modes. They're for switching between compute and graphics optimized modes. You'll only have a use for compute optimization if you're into mining digital currency or if you've got a program that uses compute instructions to accelerate it's tasks (e.g. 3D rendering.) So if you're not mining (really mining on a laptop is a terrible idea), you're better off leaving that on graphics.

At this point in time I'd suggest you double check to make sure your laptop supports dual graphics. If it does, then Lenovo's website should have instructions on how to switch between them.

Also, I realize you are frustrated, but please don't make threats. Not only is it unbecoming it's a sure fire way to ensure people ignore your post.

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Did you tried to force the discrete GPU by disabling the APU gpu in the device manager, if possible?
Is there some options in the bios laptop to force the discrete GPU over the APU GPU.
Not sure this would work but it worth the try.

I can understand the frustration, but unfortunately this kind of issues happens sometimes since they rely on software switching i suppose, where it need an updated software to work as it should.
Did you spend some time updating everything you could, bios, APU drivers, discrete GPU drivers if not included in the APU package, etc.

Also from a similar thread on reddit: "EDIT: SOLUTION FOUND! All I had to do is go to the BIOS, and under Configuration I set the Graphic Adapter from UMA to Discrete. That did the trick!"

Hope it will solve your issue, hope it help!