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Journeyman III

AMDRewards redemption without AMD hardware?

I was able to buy a 5900x and got a voucher for Farcry 6, which I've learned to expire by the end of January 2021 (my retailer specifies that I have a 7 day expiration limit after purchase though).

The problem here is that I'm building my very first PC tower and only own a case and motherboard besides the aforementioned CPU, and It's in no way or shape to be able to redeem my code now and it won't be ready by the end of January either...

Is there any other way I can redeem the code without having the component activated? It would be a shame to miss this opportunity because of time/cost limitations for the purchase of components that are not relevant to this promotion...

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Adept II

If you know someone who owns a Ryzen 5000, you can ask them to activate it for you on your UBISOFT account from their PC by giving them your login password ...

Or you can sell it