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Adept II

AMD sorry you are making it difficult for us

I was happy at first when I sow the new queue site, but ...😵


Is AMD know how frustration we are when you made the latest queue site?

AMD sorry but you are making it more difficult for us to never see the list. Staying for some time in queue and it says your turn will be soon and suddenly shocked the the EVENT HAS ENDED. 

Is this the queue every gamer was waiting for? 


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Well - I was one of the first people in the queue -- joined when the counter started... and still didnt get a GPU!! This is ridiculous. I clicked on 6800XT, went through captcha.. nothing.. Tried 3 times, and got "Access Denied" on all following requests. I think bots bypassed the queue system.... again the only people who are getting the card is the ebay scalper. Dont buy from scalpers. 


AMD - if you are listening, please let me know how I can buy a card I was in the queue for, and that I clicked add to card, but never got it.. Just like every other time when bots attack.. Did not see any difference in the site behavior... . 

I have been trying for months and was so happy i got into the queue by luck today.. i went on to select the card, went through all the info, and at the end when i went to confirm order, it just kicked me out to main card screen.  when trying to repurchase, i could see a message that there was an issue with processing and to try again, each time same outcome.. in the end everything got sold out within a min.  very frustrating and disappointing. 

Pretty much same experience. I think bots bypassed the queue, and helped themselves to the inventory. Good try AMD! Good Try! 

Adept I

I was in queue and got ½ way til my turn and then it ended. These scalpers are making it extremely difficult for us regular consumers to get any PC parts. 


just skip this generation, next generation incoming in 6-9 month, DDR5, PCIEx5 etc.... computer will be way more powerful than the one you can buy now....


This means we will never buy a pc parts if we keep on waiting for the next generation because it's more powerful as everybody expect. 

All we can do for now is only keep on trying maybe 😂 ✌️ we get one by chance. 



I'll keep trying every Thursday until I can finally get one. Lol


AMD - listen - why is this so hard for you to prevent bot activity? Take the money ahead of time, make a list, 1 GPU per household address, CC, name, whatever -- de-dupe the list -- do some analytics on the list to make sure you are not selling to the same person... and then fulfill orders as you receive inventory.... periodically ask if people want a refund, or want to stay in the queue -- and give them an update on upcoming inventory and what their status is in the queue...

everything else you do is nascence, smoke and mirrors.. you are not solving the problem for the consumer.. you are just enriching the fyff scalpers inventory.  

Call me -- i will fix this problem for you for free.... 


I'd rather pay for one now and have them ship it to me automatically when stock becomes available instead of sitting in a queue for 20 minutes just to let the scalpers jump to the front of the line and take everything 😤

Journeyman III

Same here.. Trying this for months now. In the beginning everything was working out untill I was on the end of purchasing and then the site brings you to the beginning page with nothing... Now with the Event I did not even entered.. The Event had ended... All that trying what a wast of time. People selling there card too expensive. We are not making any chance here.. 


Bots snatched up everything again. This time the queue went from being 10 minutes in line to being 1 hour in line. All GPUS sold out within 10 minutes. AMD - Get your **bleep** in order. 

It's ok. The joke is on them.. Dont buy from scalpers.. There is going to be a mass gpu sell off any moment now. 

The "Bots" did not help themselves to the inventory. That's, not the way it works. AMD's Q system assigns a RANDOM number to everyone in line when the event starts and going by the number that's how you get a spot. It's not like if I had 1000 bots and were the first sign-ups I would get the first 1000. It's a completely random number Q system. 

Also, you DO NOT want AMD to just allow us to "Get in line" like EVGA's system. AMD is shipping so few RX6000 series that they do not even appear on the steam monthly hardware survey. (July 2021) You would sign up and pretty much never get a card. A random number is better than a static number when you are shipping hardly any inventory.  If they did let you sign up you would just come back in 6 months complaining that the line hasn't moved far enough. 

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In both ways ZERO chance to buy any gpu. Before you may see what's available, now it's impossible. 

EVGA Q is much better and gamers are really getting gpus specially some models. Some after only 6 weeks of sighing they just got the notifications. Of course some models have more demand any may last months but that's not EVGA fault but NV. 


Random Q is in all ways injustice for us if you're waiting all day to the event to start and someone just walk up from his sleep a gets a chance to buy. If it is true as you said random choice. 


AMD you can resolve this and we are sure about that. 


I got a 6700XT last week in the queue system. 

Tried for a 6800XT but it wouldn't add to cart, assumed it was already sold out, went down the list to the Black Edition & 6800. Same thing.

Doubt it's bots "stealing" all the cards anymore. Guessing the 6800 & 6800XT cards are in the highest demand and sell first, which means they sell out 1st. 

The most likely had more stock and less initial demand for the 6700XT hence the reason I got it. At start my queue was around 11 Minutes, got a lucky draw. 


Touch wood, you were so lucky to enter and successfully buy one.

I %98 lost hope to score a gpu this year. 

Adept I

I have to be an optimist here just have to full system update all BUT the gpu

It's never to late,,unless your dead

Any internet device will do, queue up as many as you can, focus on the one with the shortest queue.