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Adept II

AMD MSRP lie! is AMD playing dirty? Using its Customer? 11:16

"AMD is not your fiend"

Youtube Video Hardware Unboxed.

We need AMD official statement, why are partner-models RX 6800 and rx 6800xt so expensive? 

Is AMD selling there Chip for an super expensive price so they board partners can make no profit, so they have to make the price much more.

Is the MSRP just a lie?


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Adept II

Simple supply and demand ... 

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Adept III

Of course it is. AMD lying about the price is nothing new. It was the same with vega64 (If my memory is not failing me). MSRP was $500 and the same **bleep** card just in blue was $600. You could not buy non-special (not blue) card anywhere. **bleep** they even sell 3000 series CPUs on their site for the full price even though 5000 series is out...

Journeyman III

I totally agree with this, an offical statement would be good to have, I realise the whole "supply/demand" thing is driving prices, but I come from Australia and the MSRP for the reference model was $1048AUD, of which I managed to get an order through on the day they released, my order was then refunded as they didn't have enough stock, so I was put on a priority list for the AIB cards, I just go the pricing for them and asked if I wanted to buy one, lets just say I wasn't impressed with the pricing. Most cards range from $1399-$1599 for air cooled models...

Lets put that into perspective
Reference card pricing = $1048 AUD = $771 USD
The low end pricing of $1399 AUD = $1030 USD
The higher end pricing is $1599 AUD = $1177 USD

We are talking about a $400 USD premium for essentially the same card reference card... I can buy a 5700XT for this change. it also means that the AIB cards price is ABOVE the price of a reference AMD Radeon 6900XT, with only a mere <10% performance improvement and a slightly improved cooler design.

I politely told my supplier, thanks but no thanks and asked them to tell there distributor, and hopefully they makes it way up to top suppliers to know people are annoyed with this. My original Plan was to get a reference card and put on a water block from EK/Bykski and run my system quiet, however not one AIB partner card I can find even has a reference PCB, so its unlikely I can even water cool for quite some time. very disappointing.

For reference I earn plenty of money and can pretty much buy whatever I want for a PC, Its not about the money, its about the principle of supporting these kind of mark up prices, I even managed to get a Ryzen 5900X on launch day, which is still sitting in its box, waiting to be used, however it'll probably sit in its box for quite a bit longer until I can get all my parts, kinda sad really.

Look at how sad it is!!


Journeyman III

Either AMD is charging to much for partners to buy gpu or board partners are gouging during a pandemic. So someone is being worse than the bots and scalpers they all claim to hate. 

There's no room for scalping when retailers themselves are selling 6800xt at 300 or 400 above msrp. The card is not that good.

Adept II

Simple supply and demand ... 

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@pmc251 wrote:

Simple supply and demand ... 

Reddit is your place, uneducated potato! 🙂