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Adept III

AMD Link Windows 10

Hello my fellow Red Teamers


With the new Driver update AMD Link now supports Windows and i think that is cool!

Yes, but sadly there is no update for Notebooks like my ThinkPad Gen.2 R74700U

One would think that many people have 1 PC and 1 Notebook but AMD think we have 2 PCs and we need to stream from 1 PC to another. Did i just say that i think it is cool that they updated AMD Link? ; ) 


What i want to say is: It would make more sense to Stream from your PC to your Notebook and you also or i me i could also stick that HDMI Cable from the Notebook in that Big TV or what ever...

update: I am a idiot! Now it looks like it could work. I had to delete all Drivers from Lenovo and then 2x install the new Driver from AMD. Why 2x you ask? I dont know but it worked so...

I will update this post and let you now my experience with AMD Link Windows 10 streaming from PC to Notebook. 


Okay, enough said. I wish you all a nice weekend and that we are getting back to what was called a normal life ❤️


p.s: Thank you again for bringing back FRTC (Frame Rate Target Control) ❤️ Please update it that we can set up FRTC on Game Profiles not only Global. THX

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Adept III

Sadly it does not work on my new Notebook. AMD Link asks me to enable streaming but there is no streaming option in the Notebook Driver... Sadly i have to wait and hope that there will be a new Driver for Notebooks so that i can Stream my PC games to my Notebook/Laptop.