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Journeyman III

AMD FX 6300 Six Core CPU

Hello there

I got myself a pc 2 years ago it featured AMD FX 6300 Sx Core processor and now I am wondering why does in task manager say 3 cores and not 6 is this some scam that has now been released to the public since they didn't want something to happen to their company to the newly Ryzen CPUs I am really frustrated that this is happening and I am wondering was spending money on it really worth it to say later it is a 3 core 6 thread and not a full 6 core CPU 

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Big Boss

not again...

1. google could help you
2. FX-6300 IS a 6 Core CPU!
it is a 3 module CPU - 2 Cores per Module but they share 1 FPU

3. go to taskmgr - "performance" + click on the diagramm + change view to logical processors
you will now see all 6 cores

btw - it was in the news and all over the internet

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