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Adept II

AMD FSR Suggestion

Would it be possible for AMD to implement a Ultra quality FSR again with the FSR2. 
Before with FSR 1, Ultra Quality would render at 77%. 
Now On quality FSR2 renders at 67%. 

With the 7900 XTX I only need about 10 more fps to run games at 4k Native Ultra 60 fps entire game. 

If there was an Ultra Quality at 77% quality Or 80% or even 85% quality, I would be MUCH better for people who just needs a little more frames and keep it as close to native 4k as possible.

It sad that In some places in Hogwarts for example I get 54 fps, but rest of game is perfect. I just need 10-15 fps more. 
Going from 4k 100% resolution all the way down to 67% is a huge leap when I only need a little fps boost.  

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Adept I

Correct me if am wrong but FSR supports DRS (dynamic resolution scaler). Take Cyberpunk 2077 for example. I believe their DRS scaler uses FSR 2.1. So it boils down to game dev. implementation. Why not try to send a feedback to the Hogwarts devs or CSR?