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AMD Fluid Motion Frames: Official Resource Discussion


Hi, Red Team!

As you know, AMD Software continues to evolve with updates to existing features like AMD Noise Suppression and introducing new features like the latest AMD HYPR-RX.

Today, we’re excited to share something new with the community that we’ve been working on – the AMD Software Preview Driver for AMD Fluid Motion Frames, a feature that is designed to increase frame rates and smooth movement for game-winning performance!

This driver will contain features currently under production, so please send your feedback through the AMD Bug Report Tool, and if you run into further issues, you can revert to the latest WHQL driver through the AMD Auto-Detect and Install Tool.

In addition, if you have any questions about this new feature, feel free to reply to this discussion, and myself, @Sam_AMD, or one of our Sr. Product/Software Marketing Specialists @Isaak_Wong will do our best to help you!

Important note: before posting your question, please be sure to include the following information:

Your system’s specs:

  1. CPU
  2. GPU
  3. Operating System version (i.e., Windows 10 or Windows 11)
  4. DirectX version
  5. Motherboard make and model and BIOS version
  6. RAM
  7. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  8. SSD or HDD

In addition to the above, a short description of the issue you are having along with any relevant screenshot(s).

Friendly reminder: As some of you may know, Sam and I are not support engineers, but we know a thing or two about building PCs. Plus, we have access to our friends in our Hardware and Software teams (like Isaak), so if needed, we will reach out to them to help us help you!

Lastly, we kindly ask you to be patient with us, depending on your question, getting you the answer (and possible solution) may take some time. We will be monitoring this discussion and will do our best to reply to your question within ~72 hours.

26 Replies
Volunteer Moderator

Woah what a surprise! interesting to see results 🙂

Adept I

Awesome. When should I expect Cyberpunk 2077 and Star wars Jedi Survivor to support FSR 3.0?

Volunteer Moderator

Will it affect World of Tanks?  That's my game of choice.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

I know this is a late reply, but did you get a chance to try it? I've never played the game personally, but it appears to be a DirectX 11 title, so AMD Fluid Motion Frames will work with it as long as you're in exclusive full screen mode. 


Man, I've not ever, before this of course, had such a bad time installing a driver like this one! Immediately after installing it, and upon restart, I was able to move my cursor around, but can't click on anything, my screen was effectively frozen. Did a hard restart and got the same result, tried a couple of times I might add, tried options available after hitting 'Shift' upon restart, and after a few tries and to cut a long story short, I'd no choice but to try for 'System restore'.

I chose the latest restore point, but upon reboot, I was surprised to see that the latest driver was installed, and that everything was working as it should ..... don't ask me what'd happened, I have no idea! Anyway, my original intention was to try AFMF on Metro Exodus PC Enhanced, it seems to be working as I'm netting >100fps at 3840x1080, max ingame setting with RT maxed out. I can wait for this tech to be moved to the RX 6000 series, and other cards....hopefully.

  1. CPU - R9 5900X
  2. GPU - XFX MERC310 RX 7900 XTX
  3. Win11 Pro 22H2 (OS Build 22621.2338)
  4. DX12
  5. Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreme v1 (Bios F35)
  6. 2x 16GB DDR4 3600CL16 Corsair Vengeance RGB RT
  7. Corsair HX1000 Platinum
  8. 256GB Sabrent Rocket NVMe M.2 PCIe 3x4 (OS)
AM4 R9 5900X | GB X570 Aorus Xtreme | 2x 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 3600C16 | XFX MERC 310 RX 7900 XTX |Samsung C49HG90DME 49" 32:9 FS 2 | Corsair HX1000 Platinum | CM H500M | Win11 Pro 22H2
DaBeast02 - AM4 R9 3900X | GB X570S Aorus Elite AX | 2x 16GB Patriot Viper Elite II 4000MHz | Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6900 XT | Acer XR341CK 34" 21:9 FS | Enermax MAXREVO 1500 | SOLDAM XR-1 | Win11 Pro 22H2

Last night:

Addendum to previous post - I'd tried it for my MERC310 RX 7900 XTX and after booting up and getting a blank screen, I tried many times to get it to run but had to resort to 'System restore'. I'd restore to point where I'd installed this preview AFMF driver and it seemed to work. Ran Crysis Remastered at 'Can it run Crysis' presets and it ran the game well enough at 40'ish fps. I recall trying it a few months back and got about 10+ to 20+ fps, so AFMF + FSR3 FG would prolly push it pass 60fps easily enough I surmise. So, after I was done gaming and surfing the net, I shut down my rig for the night.


What happened this morning:

I started my rig this morning, and got a blank screen, I tried repeatedly to boot to desktop. After one successful reboot to desktop, I managed to get DDU running before it'd freeze like everything else (similar as to what I'd reported in my previous post) and got to 'Safe Mode' to delete the $%#@ Preview driver. After rebooting, a new problem cropped up, I tried a couple of the previous drivers I had in my folder and they failed to run, so I can't install the driver (one of which is the 23.09.3).

I was once again forced to resort to 'System restore' to an earlier point, to even before installing the Preview driver. That took a good 1/2 hour of my life away, and now, I could install Adrenalin 23.09.3 driver with just one attempt.

Now, I'm beginning to understand why there've been complaints about AMD drivers acting up, when a driver mess up, it really screwed the pooch! IF it weren't for my experience, patience and persistence in resolving this issue, I'd be pulling my hair out in frustration.

Plea to driver team: Kindly resolve this issue with blank screens and drivers failing to install even AFTER running DDU to clean system of this preview driver.

AM4 R9 5900X | GB X570 Aorus Xtreme | 2x 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RT DDR4 3600C16 | XFX MERC 310 RX 7900 XTX |Samsung C49HG90DME 49" 32:9 FS 2 | Corsair HX1000 Platinum | CM H500M | Win11 Pro 22H2
DaBeast02 - AM4 R9 3900X | GB X570S Aorus Elite AX | 2x 16GB Patriot Viper Elite II 4000MHz | Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6900 XT | Acer XR341CK 34" 21:9 FS | Enermax MAXREVO 1500 | SOLDAM XR-1 | Win11 Pro 22H2

Hi MikeySCT, apologies for the experience you had with that driver, but we appreciate the feedback you've provided. Feedback like yours are important to us, and it helps us make better production-ready drivers. We do have a newer version of the preview driver that is available to try if you'd like to go at it again. Thanks again for your post! 

Adept I

I tried it with Forspoken, on a 6800XT.

It works really well. I was able to go from around 70 fps, to 140. Only with extremely quick movements on the camera, with the mouse, did I manage to spot any artifacts. 

I had Anti-Lag turned on, so input latency felt almost similar to running without Frame Generation. I really wish there was support for Anti-Lag+ for the 6000 series of GPUs. Please add support for this feature on older GPUs. 

I did notice that the upscaling part still has issues with image stability. I suppose that upscaling is still using the FSRR2.2 algorithm. So there is still a bit of shimmering and disocclusion artifacts. 

Please don't take this the wrong way. But Intel's XeSS 1.2 already looks better than FSR2 upscaling, while running on my 6800XT. And with just a a couple fewer fps. 

My system:

  1. 5800X3D
  2. 6800XT
  3. Windows 11 22H2
  4. DirectX 12_2
  5. B550 AORUS ELITE V2 - F16c
  6. 32 GB DDR4 3800MT/S
  7. Seasonic Focus Gold GX 750W
  8. Sabrent Rocket Q 2Tb
Adept I

Tried in Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk2077 Initially looked really good but then I the screen would freeze from time to time and then eventually closed the game automatically. I tried tweaking a few different settings etc but same results every time. I submitted a bug report on Witcher 3. With Cyberpunk crash as had to reset the PC due to the whole screen distorting when it kicked me  out back into windows. again bug report submitted. Will do a few more tests and then default back to latest non beta driver.  Running this on Powercolor Red Dragon 6800 XT, Ryzen CPU 5800X, B450M TUF gaming MB, 16 GB of ram,  Gigabyte M27Q monitor with freesync.  No issues experienced on non beta driver.

Hi, thanks for posting about your experience. Have you tried the latest version of our preview driver? Some usability issues have been addressed. Let us know how it goes - and remember to use DDU when uninstalling your current driver. Thanks! 

Hi, Since then I tried the new new preview driver from 13/10/23. Initially worked very nicely. Tried it on Red Dead 2, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Guild Wars 2. On the next reboot it was back to the same issues. I repeated this process a few times and it was always a case of the first install of the driver worked mostly fine (minimal crashes) but on the next reboot of the pc , with out fail it is back to crashes. This is only Beta drivers. I was running a B450M Tuf gaming motherboard but that ran into problems . But replaced that a couple of days ago so retried the beta driver but still the same results. I had some pc issues a while back and had to reinstall a bunch of stuff including my OS (Windows 11.) I deactivated co-pilot as heard that caused some issues with AMD drivers. I did use DDU on the install but it made no difference. I have had to go back to the non beta drivers.

Adept I

Hi, i tried this feature in different games, and when i turn it on, the FPS appear to go down, instead of up, for example, in War Thunder i would get around 130 fps without FMS, and with it on it would go down to around 100. Same thing with Cyberpunk 2077.

CPU: Ryzen 5600x

GPU: Radeon RX 6700

OS: Windows 10 pro

4: DX 12

5: B550 AORUS ELITE V2 (F16c)

6: 4x8Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX  DDR4 3200MHz

7: Nfortec Sagitta RGB 650W 

8: 1- (OS) Kingston A400 SSD 240GB 2- WD Blue SN550 SSD 1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen 3 3- WD BLACK SN770 1TB SSD PCIe Gen4 NVMe 


Hi Theshooter88, what are you using to measure performance? If you're using a 3rd party tool, they won't be able to count the generated frames. Since there is a small performance overhead, the FPS will appear to drop. Try using the built-in performance monitoring tool within AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition, it will report the correct FPS when AFMF is turned on. 

Adept I

Already submitted a bug report for this, but installed the preview driver with a 6800 xt and am getting really bad screen tearing when enabling fluid motion frames on a freesync display. I've recorded and slowed down a video of my monitor showcasing the behavior --

I've tried tweaking numerous settings, setting (and resetting) custom CRU resolutions and freesync ranges, display-port and hdmi cables, uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing seems to alleviate this issue. The frames are definitely being generated at least according to the overlay, but the framerate my monitor lists is either pinned to max refresh rate or jumps all over the place in time with the tears.

Any idea as far as solutions / workarounds for this issue? Is this a framepacing issue driver side? Is this just a weird monitor incompatibility? I don't have another freesync monitor to test with to rule it out specifically. Monitor is nixeus nx-edg27v2


  1. CPU: 5800x3d
  2. GPU: 6800 xt
  3. OS: Windows 11
  4. DirectX 12
  5. MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK (MS-7C91) 
    1. BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends International, LLC. A.E0, 6/28/2023
  6. RAM 32gb (4x8gb) cl14 3200mhz g.skill flareX
  7. Power Supply Unit (PSU) Corsaire RM 850x
  8. SSD WD black 850x

Update --- Oct 13 preview driver fixed all of my issues! Nice job. Latency is noticeable at lower base FPS, but the smoothness is really good. Just let driver team know that one more edge case has been resolved!

Adept I

SOLUTION to FMF and beta driver crashes on 6800XT! - So I had loads of problems with this driver and the previous beta. It would judder and freeze and eventually kick me out of the game or even distort the display and the freeze the PC so badly I had to to turn it off at the power.  I tried once again with a clean install and I deactivated AMD Smart Access Memory lo and behold I now have this beta driver working smoothly without glitches. Tested so far in The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk and Guild Wars 2, none of which would work with this driver before. Has its limitation but seems really good so far as long as you have that initial 50+ FPS to feed into it.  

I retract the above. The issue continue. It seemed it only worked for a short while then went back to crashing.

Adept II

AFMF is seemingly working on Diablo 4 but doesn't feel like it actually is. Not talking about the latency, I mean the frame smoothness. 

How to reproduce: Cap the in-game frame to 120fps using the game's cap, AFMF it to 240fps.

Overlay shows it working but the smoothness is not there, feels unchanged on vs off. It's only personal experience and I don't have the tools to actually see if it makes a difference so please take it with a grain of salt but I figured it might help if that's indeed the case.

Gpu: 7900xtx
Driver: Oct 13th Preview

Also suggestion: Adding a shortcut key to disable and enable AFMF to see the difference more easily.

Adept I

Not a bug report, but after testing for a few days, I would really like an option to adjust or completely remove the threshold at which frame interpolation is automatically disabled due to high motion. I understand it's not recommended to use AFMF with a 60Hz monitor like mine, but in some games that have a hard 30 FPS cap or are too demanding to run at 40+ FPS, I would prefer to have a constant fluid motion even with visible interpolation artifacts.

I see great potential in this feature, and this request would make it a lot better for me at least. Hopefully something that can be considered in the future!

Journeyman III

This Afmf freezes league of legends. I installed it the first time and got a lot of freezes ingame. when i deleted it there were no freezes but now after installing again i get a lot of freezes. Please optimize this for league

Same issue here, I had to enable dx9 / legacy mode which seems to work fine for the time being.

Adept II

Is this going to support multi GPUs via Windows Settings? the scenario is IGP connected to display and DGPU set as High Performance GPU via Windows Settings and games set to use High Performance GPU via Windows Settings.

My setup is IGP Cezanne connected to display, and RX 6600 set as mentioned above. Game set also as mentioned above. By this setup my DGPU is  remain idle, only ocassionally being used.

Journeyman III


I have an RX 7900XT merc310 with an R7 7800X3D, i have everything updated, but I don't see the "Fluid Frame" option ... I have the HYPR_RX, is that the same? 

Adept I

I have posted a couple of time. This is my third time of trying the preview driver. I have tried with each iteration that worked on 6000 cards. DDU or AMD Clean Up Utility used. I tried it on Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. As soon as you turn on AMFM on it will play nice for a bit with buttery smooth and significantly increased FPS. But then eventually it  will freeze a couple of times then crash out of the game entirely. I've tried tweaking various things, making sure I am hitting close to suggested initial FPS etc. I have tried setting my system to different refresh rates too, making sure V-Synch is off etc. But it always ends the same. The frequency of the crashing seems to have improved. The severity of crashes have improved as I don't get any BSOD that I occasionally saw with the first version.


Interestingly I experiment with modded driver from R.ID - AMD 3rd Party Drivers ( I am not recommending anyone installs them and if you do its at your own risk. On first install it worked flawlessly for hours on end on Cyberpunk2077. I turned off the PC and came back to it the next day and sure enough the driver behaved the same as the AMD genuine driver. The weird thing is I had similar experience with some attempts of installing the AMD preview driver on some occasions in that it would work first time 😎 and when you come back to your PC later its back to 💩. The strange thing is that I have ben unable to replicate it intentionally. The stability seems vary from install attempt to install attempt regardless of which official AMD driver I use. I only mention the modded driver as it maintained stability for a longer period than I experienced with with AMD drivers before it stopped working. AMD may want to compare notes with it. I have noticed that the frequency of crashes seem less with SAM off but I am unsure if there is anything significant to it. It would be really nice if AMD can get this working on 6000 series cards. And it would be more amazing if there were less caveats to get it to work such as specific frame rates and not using V-synch etc.

Rig= TUF gaming B550M, Ryzen 5800X clocked to 4200hz, DDR4 OC to 3600 Hz, Radeon RX 6800 XT Power Color Red Dragon, Monitor is Gigabyte M27Q Refresh rate set to 144 hz (It goes to 170hz but I found I get bet graphics stability at 144hz)

Journeyman III

This is awesome, i tried fluid motion in ea wrc and battlefield 2042.

I am getting 150-180 fps with an RX 7600 to a 3440-1440 resolution screen, upscaled from 2560-1080.

In wrc frame gen lag is not an issue but in 2042 it is,

also my screen is 100hz so i d like a frame limit at 120 fps but the frame gen lag is increased there.

I hope for less lag in the future updates

Thank you


GPU - RX 7600

CPU - Ryzen 5600

RAM - 16gb

SSD - 1tb m2 Adata XPG Gammix

Motherboard - Asus prime x370 pro (6042 Bios)


The feature doesn't work in Diablo 4/3/2




win11 latest beta build

x570s aorus master

32gb ram