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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 Coming Soon in More Games

The list of titles with FidelityFX Super Resolution support continues to grow with many more games! For more information about FSR 2.0 and to check out upcoming FSR 2.0 games, click here.



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Waiting to see what Steam's Summer sale hittin' and might pick up Flight Simulator, lol.  If I do, I will for sure check out FSR 2.0. Just happy to hear AMD has a real competitor to DLSS now. Will make my card last even longer now.

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Why was WARZONE left out with FSR1.0 and same with FSR2.0? just because it's a FREE game played by many out there? asking for a friend

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Most people dont want even the slightest inherent lag in a FPS, so its not as desired.

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Looking forward to The Calisto Protocol as its gameplay and 'feel' is supposed to be similar to Dead Space (one of my fav series).

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FSR 2.0 source code has also been released!


Fantastic, FSR as it continues to expand is going to be such a reward for gamers to get those extra frames without completely compromising quality. 

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