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Journeyman III

AMD confirms it’s powering the gaming rig inside Tesla’s Model S and Model X

Throughout AMD's recent comeback in high-performance computing, the message has always been that its platform can be scaled up. Building a processor that can scale from a few watts to big water-cooled compute servers isn't easy. Adding multiple types of processors to a single chip that can also scale adds another layer of difficulty. At its recent CES presentation, AMD was quick to point this out, saying that the RDNA2 graphics architecture is very scalable, from mobile to notebook to desktop to server, but also to embedded, industrial, and automotive. I asked CEO Dr. Lisa Su about that last part.

Last year, it was announced, and then confirmed with model numbers, that the display and graphics in the Model X and Model S infotainment systems are powered by AMD's embedded platform. We think that the first versions of this silicon in these cars are based on Zen and Vega, so I asked Dr. Su what she meant when she said that RDNA2 was in automotive solutions. Besides that, I also asked about the relationship between AMD and Tesla.

Dr. Su said that RDNA2 is always present in the ecosystem, from consoles to PCs. She also talked about the partnership with Samsung in the mobile space. She said that Tesla is always pushing the limits, and AMD is glad that the Model S and Model X use Ryzen and Radeon processors. She went on to say that they have also started using [AMD] technologies for their infotainment systems in the Model 3 and Model Y. There wasn't any clear information about how close the two companies are or how big their agreements are, but the fact that four of Tesla's most important cars use AMD is a big win for the company.

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