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Journeyman III

AMD A8 PRO-7600B with Radeon™ R7 Graphics.

hello i have new pc HP 285 G2 with AMD A8 PRO-7600B with Radeon™ R7 Graphics

install windows 10 version 1703 or 1709 enterprise and have error critical windows kernel-power id 41 every day have this problem

when I working, computer automatic turn off and automatic starting system every day or after 2-3 day

i bought this pc new and have 6 new this 285 G2 and all have this problem

i install only this 2 driver

and this from amd WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-17.11.1-Nov10

please help me solve this issue


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Hello Sir,

Check you overall cpu, gpu T°, test you memory and test you power supply.

Try to change the power plan settings, leverage the 3 different default power plan setting and check if it help.

Try to disable the "Fast Startup" windows option and also disable the "SuperFetch" windows service to check if it help with the issue.
Try to upgrade your machine with the last motherboard bios from the manufacturer, upgrade also to the latest drivers you could.
Also AMD is having some trouble lately with the windows patch, especially the ones that mitigate the recent discovered flaws.
If this happened only lately, in the past few weeks, try to uninstall the last windows updates to check if it help solving the issue.