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Amazon Original: Fallout?

Hi, Friends!


I just happen to stumble on it. I had no clue that Amazon had partnered with Bethesda to produce the Fallout TV Series.


I played every installment of the game and have tons of great memories. From the quests across the Wastelands to using the Brotherhood of Steel T-60, the game is one of my all-time favorites. 


About the show. I get it 5 stars! The producers have managed to deliver the Fallout story beautifully. The cast, the acting, the script, the special effects, the choreography, sound effects, the creatures (i.e., Ghouls) , even the humor are spot on! Oh wait, the "pet"! LOL.


Needless to say, I recommend anyone who has played the game (and those who haven't) to watch the series. I watched all the episodes in two day (well, two late nights). Check out the trailer:



Plus, what Amazon has done (right) is offering the game for free to Prime members. If you click on the "Explore" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page you can play Fallout 3: GOTY and Fallout New Vegas!


Did you know about the TV Series? 

And, having you played either game on Prime? How is the experience? 


Your biggest fan!
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