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Adept I

am i the only person who think the rx 6700 xt price is to high

ok so it seems like your upgrading to the next tier of gpu and not upgrading to the same tier next gen why so muck more im just gonna skip the 6000 gpu's all together 

Johnnie Lee Henley Jr.
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Adept II

It would matter to folks IF you could actually buy the products. At this point in time that doesn't seem to be the case, so they don't really care what the advertised price is.


The prices, and lack of availability of CPU and GPU is ridiciulously bad.

I think Consumer PC Component suppliers will go bankrupt if this keeps up.  

It is! But I think its pretty normal at this time. Increase in TSMC prices (maybe, idk), exports, tarifs, local taxes, etc..

In a normal situation it wouldn't bother me too much because the GPU would come out at that (MSRP) and 6 months later its price would start dropping seriously, 1 year and it would be slashed in half or even less.

I do regret that last August I saw brand new ROG Strix 5700XT at 300-350€ in Portugal and now you can't even buy one for less than 900€ USED!!!

If it really delivers above 3070 like 5700XT did above 2070 then it looks a goto GPU for the "uppermidrangers".

The Englishman

You had a lucky escape not buying  ASUS ROG Strix 5700XT.

The coolers fall off because the wrong screws and torque was used on those cards. 
ASUS have not done a good job on AMD AIB cards since Vega64/56. 

Not sure about the Paper Launch RX6000 series.

The RX5700XT are pretty lame GPUs. 
I own some now and they perform ~ same as / worse than RX Vega 64 Liquid for 2K/4K gaming and are poor at Compute/Blender. 
You should just skip RX5700XT series.


I've seen in the RoG forums the mess on the 5700XT. Pretty lame QC for a top brand. But even though, I know someone who has one without the "flaw" and its a good performer card, that's why I was after it.

ASUS weak spot is sotware.. i wonder why......  😛


I also have the RoG Strix RX480 and no complaints so far, even goes past 1400mhz but I'm done OC'ing until the GPU Market Drama ends, I don't have nothing else if this one breaks down.

Its crazy out there on the used market, 420€ on a RX480???? I payed less than that back in 2017.



Well, lets hope the market reach stability soon. I need a new GPU.


The Englishman

Asus RX5700XT Strix cooling problems:

They released a new round of 5700XT with fix but the problem is they did not recall all of the original ones so there is still a chance you could buy one new or end up with a used card with the problem.

The PCB construction and components on ASUS ROG Graphics cards is usually excellent. 
They seem to have Quality Control problems w.r.t. thermal pads on VRMs, VRAM and cooler since launch of AMD VEGA GPUs.



@colesdav, true but I called them with card green screening and having weirdly high temps on VRAM. They sent DHL to take card from me and I received new one within a week.

Glad to hear you had a good "RMA experience".


It's going to depend on how the card performs. When looking at the available data, with the card being in Rtx 3070 territory I think it's not that bad. AMD was cheaper when it was not really trading blows with Nvidia.

It also depends on your location, Europe has it bad when it comes to GPU prices while US has to worry about tariffs now.

Anyway we'll have to see if there's enough stock first.


So, the first reviews and benchmarks have surfaced at the hands of tech Tubers.

Guess that the price is steep for a spot between 3060ti and 3070.

I DO Believe as most other AMD GPU's, it will age properly and it can be a good purchase overtime but at this moment the price may be a little off. 😞

But then again... the GPU market is broken. So it doesn't really matter anyway......


That 192bit memory.... :'(

The Englishman

RE: as most other AMD GPU's, it will age properly.

Are you talking the old "FineWine"? 
The only reason for that was because of the uplift in performance in gaming on new DX12/Vulkan versus DX11 on AMD cards.
The AMD GPUs were overengineered to compensate for poor DX11 performance. 

That will not happen again. 
So where exactly will these GPU "age properly"? 

If you ask me they are technically behind Nvidia 3000 series GPU on many fronts.
Luckly for AMD that Nvidia did not release GPUs on TSMC 5nm. 

Good point.

Maybe they won't after all, which is a shame. The upper tiers are OK though, but the market is seriously broken right now to make a move on any GPU.

Steve already answered us with his video: AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT GPU Review: Literally Anything Will Sell



The Englishman


Etailers in some places have no Gaming GPU for sale at all.
I have an RX5700XT and two RX590s and an old HD7970OC 6GB  sitting idle.
I could get an X570 motherboard and fit those GPU to it.
I have some spare RAM.

But I cannot get any RX5000 CPU.
I wanted an RX5950X but they seem to be RMAing lots.

I might just sell those GPU on Ebay.


Hardware suppliers and retailers won't go bankrupt because of this. They're doing great. Literally anything they put on the shelves will sell immediately.

If you're patient and follow stock alerts, you can get hardware at (or near) MSRP but it's a bigger pain than I've experienced in nearly 20 years. I have a reseller account with one of the biggest distributors in the US and still, my monthly quantity limits are very low (2 each CPU/GPUs for AMD and Nvidia and a more generous limit on Intel CPUs). This is despite having to make a significant minimum order every month just to maintain access.

Demand is high, shipping is under heavy pressure, tariff exemptions expired in the US on consumer electronics from China which alone accounts for 20% higher prices by itself.


At the beginning of the pandemic, many people put off purchases but then with so many more people bored and wanting to game, working and attending school remotely, the need for PC upgrades and additional systems is very high. 


While the mining firms aren't helping things, they are not the main problem or even the biggest cause of component shortages. Retail miners with 1-2 GPUs mining on the side are not the problem at all. Retail miners are just making the best out of a bad situation and recouping some of the funds that went towards inflated hardware prices.

Journeyman III

I think the card is priced very reasonably. Find me another 12 gig card with gddr6 for that msrp. Good value, but... the entire stock has already been sold to scalpers. Will be available soon on ebay, amazon, walmart or newegg for 2-3x msrp.


you must be new to the pcmr cause this is awful price to performance the card should be 200 if you ask me back in the dat this tier of performance would run you 180 t0 260 so yeah 

Johnnie Lee Henley Jr.