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Adept II

7900 xtx 23.2.1 Hogwarts tips.

For hogwarts, I found I can run the 7900 xtx native and get 60 fps 4k FSR off if I turn everything to high, with ultra textures, view distance, population and taa anti aliasing to taa low. 
I wanted to share!
This 23.2.1 driver fixed the white bushes with material quality set to anything above low 
and it did increase overall framerate. 
Now I can play hogwarts , without immersion crushing white bushes and in native 4k!!!!!!!! 
So glad I left nvidia and came over to get a 7900xtx Hell hound power color for 999$ from team red!!!!!!

Thankful and blessed

can run 4k 60 fps with taa low all ultra except high on fog, shadows, effects, post processing. rest ultra. 4k 60 fps any place in the game, wow , this is what 4k gaming is like? yes . yes please! 

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Unfortunately this driver completely breaks Freesync. Have to disable it on my monitor or my system locks up. The driver also doesn't fix the constant game freezes in Hogwarts Legacy, so I'm back on the old driver for the time being.