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Adept II

6800 stock issues, can we get some response AMD

Can you just give us something?  Maybe a date and time for restocks?  A different way of doing purchases so we don't have to fight scalpers would be nice....but at least some info?

At this point the response and general pain in the butt of both AMD and NVIDIA's roll out just makes me want to sit the whole thing out.  This has been just horribly managed, and we haven't heard much of anything from you AMD.


Give us something!

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Adept II


TSMC's 5 and 7nm lines are full at least until the end of the year and maybe more.



That's the curse of becoming a fabless chip company. AMD is completely dependent on TSMC manufactoring capacities. I personally don't think, the launching PS5, XBox, Zen3 and RDNA2 at the same time was a good idea, if all chips are made by TSMC 7nm process.

Everyone is shi**ing on Intel for their 10nm fiasco, but in the end, they are at least in control over there own fabs. And Nvidia has at least found an alternative fab. If Nvidia would make Ampere by TSMC 7nm and Huawei would still produce at TSMC, the mess would be even bigger.

Fear not, for I am watchful.

This was Q4 start. So like mid/late October. The real cause is the cluster of cargo ships that are trying to get into port currently. There should be more stock based on what I've heard in 2-3wks. Realistically shoot for mid January for ample stock. Sadly I have to keep trying everyday for a reference card for my $270 paperweight (ek radeon edition waterblock) bought on launch morning an hour before release..😔 if you don't need a ref card wait for AIB unless you like the ref cooler..

I am really interestedt in an stock update too, what is going on, AMD?


There are none. 

I think it is/was a paper launch to satisfy Shareholders and Financial markets rather than Gaming GPU users. 
AMD probably make more on stock price shift than selling these GPUs, even at their high "MSRP". 

RX6900XT launch today will likely be an even bigger farce according to reports. 

I think AMD have missed the boat. 

Nvidia will likely do the usual thing to hammer these RX6800/XT series GPU into the dust before the even get off the ground.

Adjust pricing, launch "Ti" versions, work on improving RTX3080/3090 driver performance in "weak" areas such as 1080p and 2K rasterisation performance. 

There might be some AIB RX6800/XT mid 2021, but by that time I think Nvidia may launch RTX3000 series on an improved process, since Samsung 8nm seems to be hurting them versus AMD TSMC 7nm.

I'm going to be honest here, I have no idea why they launched the 6900xt on ddr6, instead of hbm2 or something like that.

Maybe because HBM2 costs waaay more than DDR6? And maybe because their whole architecture is built around avoiding bottlenecks caused by slower transfer rates of DDR6?


Everybody is upset at the stock issues, including myself.  You have to ask yourself if you REALLY need a 6800/XT card right this second.  Can you get by with a temporary GPU until the dust settles?  I game at 4k and I wish I could just buy a 6800 XT believe me, but I am content with my RX 5700 XT in the meantime until I get my hands on one.  You have options my friend.


It looks like the best bet is ... 

If you already bought an RX6800/XT, put it back in it's box immediately and sell it on Ebay as new for at least 2x profit. 
Use that money to "buy something else".
Second hand RX Vega 64/56 Sapphire or PowerColor or even a recently purchased MSI Air Boost are on sale for ~ 200.
People are also selling their RX5700XT second hand - but ... they are still far too pricey as new RX5700XT pricing has increased.  
Then think about buying an RDNA2 RX6800/XT in ~ 8 months if the drivers work ok by then. 
Or just wait for RDNA3.
Maybe there will be enough AIB RDNA3 GPU on sale at MSRP for the next AMD GPU launch. 

Adept I

It'd be nice to at least have a first come, first serve pre-order service like EVGA does. Not doing that leaves the whole thing open for scalpers; the knowledge that they'd have to sit on a waiting listm and that their order would be cross-checked for duplicate CC/bank acc nrs, might actually deter them somwhat.