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Revamping Your Data Centers with Cohesity on HPE Next-Gen Compute, Powered by AMD

Blog co-authors: Sachin Hindupur (AMD), Dilip Ramachandran (AMD), and Joanna Paul (Cohesity)

As businesses evolve into the age of AI, the focus on revamping data center technologies to manage and secure the exploding amount of data and applications is gaining momentum.  Despite tough economic challenges and tight IT budgets, organizations are looking to refresh their servers and storage solutions while ensuring robust data management and protection. According to IDC, by 2026, 65% of IT organizations will only purchase infrastructure solutions that incorporate predictive cyber-resiliency mechanisms proven to reduce post-cyber intrusion recovery efforts1. In addition, organizations may be required to comply with sustainability initiatives in locations where they operate. As an example, the EU Lot 9 regulations aim to reduce the environmental impact of servers and data storage products through a set of energy efficiency rules in the  European Union. To address these requirements, companies must leverage technology that meets these needs.


Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, recently announced a collaboration with AMD to widen customer choices by running on servers powered by AMD with some of our biggest technology partners, including HPE.


Cohesity’s software is now certified on HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen11 single socket 1U servers based on 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs.  The Cohesity certified solutions running on an AMD EPYC based HPE DL325 platform will feature options based on 32 to 84 core 4th Gen AMD EPYC CPUs, 256GB of system memory, and 10 to 20 NVMe drives with capacities ranging from 3.84TB to 15.36TB per drive.


AMD EPYC processors are a robust portfolio of CPUs delivering extensive choice and outstanding value for data center needs. 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors are built on the innovative x86 architecture and “Zen 4” core. General purpose 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors are available in 1P and 2P configurations and deliver efficient, optimized performance by combining high frequencies, up to 128 cores (256 threads) per processor, PCIe® Gen 5 I/O, and support for up to 6 TB of DDR5 memory. Built-in security features, such as AMD Infinity Fabric™ technology, Secure Memory Encryption (SME), and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV-SNP) help protect data while it is in use. AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors are raising the bar yet again for storage workload performance and efficiency, enabling the next generation of leadership server and storage solutions.


This blog post explores the advantages of modernizing your data centers with Cohesity on HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers powered by AMD EPYC processors and how this combination can revolutionize your data management and protection strategy.


Making the case for all-flash

All-flash solutions have become an increasingly popular choice for data center modernization due to their numerous benefits over traditional spinning disk-based storage solutions. All-flash infrastructure provides high performance, efficiency, and reliability—and can have a lower total cost of ownership over time. Here are a few reasons all-flash solutions are an excellent choice for your data center:

  1. Speed— All-flash provides significantly faster read and write speeds than spinning disk drives. This results in quicker data access and processing, making them ideal for high-demand applications and workloads.

  2. Power consumption— Enterprises (e.g., FSI) can have stringent power budgets for their data centers. All-flash infrastructure typically consumes less power and produces less heat compared to traditional storage solutions, contributing to reduced energy costs and a smaller related carbon footprint, in large part due to their use of titanium power supplies instead of platinum.

  3. Density— Many enterprises are seeing that they need more data center space as their need to increase storage capacity continues to grow with more data being generated. With all-flash infrastructure of high density compute, enterprises may be able to fit more servers in a rack to meet the compute storage capacity needed, potentially reducing cooling and power expenses.


Cohesity, AMD, and HPE have come together to provide organizations with a robust solution that combines the power of Cohesity’s AI-powered data security and management capabilities with HPE next-gen infrastructure driven by AMD EPYC processors. Our integrated approach offers leading-edge performance, scalability, and efficiency for all your storage and data management needs.

  • High performance and low latency: Combining Cohesity’s data protection software with HPE all-flash next-gen compute and AMD processors delivers exceptional performance. The all-flash storage architecture helps ensure reduced latency, rapid data processing, and optimal speed for data-intensive workloads, enabling businesses to handle even the most demanding applications.

  • Seamless integration: Cohesity’s data security and management solutions work smoothly with HPE ProLiant Gen 11 servers integrated with AMD processors, providing a one-stop shop for data security and management. This allows for easy setup, management, and scaling as your data needs grow. The unified platform also supports data deduplication and compression, maximizing storage efficiency.

  • Enhanced data protection: Cohesity provides robust data protection (following the NIST principles), backup, and recovery options, helping keep data safe and secure. AMD processors deliver scalable performance, enabling the systems to handle increased workloads efficiently. Additionally, through HPE Secure Supply Chain, organizations can get Cohesity’s software preloaded at the factory, thus reducing deployment time and enhancing the security of your overall solution.

  • Scalability and flexibility: The joint solution allows organizations to scale their data infrastructure as needed, adapting to their organization's changing needs.

  • Reducing TCO and addressing sustainability goals: Organizations can achieve significant cost savings by consolidating workloads and optimizing data storage with Cohesity and HPE servers. All-flash storage's reduced footprint and energy-efficient design also contribute to sustainability goals.

"As enterprises look to enhance their data security and management, we're excited to offer customers solutions combining Cohesity's AI-powered data management platform with reliable and secure HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers powered by AMD EPYC processors. This combination offers our customers a high level of performance, scalability, and power efficiency for even the most demanding workloads." —Joseph George, Global Vice President, Strategic Alliances, HPE

Modernize your data centers with HPE servers with Cohesity powered by AMD for a comprehensive, efficient, and future-proof solution.




HPE Solutions with Cohesity redefine AI-powered data security and management using a 360-degree approach with Zero Trust Security principles from silicon to cloud. Combined with the world record-setting HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers and the latest AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors, HPE Solutions with Cohesity protect your hybrid environment wherever data lives—spanning edge to cloud—with a cloud operating experience, built-in security, and optimized performance.



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