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Adept I

World of Warcraft - DX12 - Driver timeouts


After months of troubleshooting, changing/upgrading parts, reinstalling Windows 10, updating BIOS, reinstalling World of Warcraft and endless 'temporary fixes' from various websites and forums, I decided to open this topic because I'm tired of this.

World of Warcraft is crashing for the last few months with both a 5700XT and the latest and greatest 7900XTX when running the game in DX12. It always crashes by freezing, having a black screen, driver timing out and recovering afterwards in certain areas of the game. I opened a ticket with Blizzard about it and they 'acknowledge' that it is an AMD driver issue and I should open a support case with AMD. Of course... the devil is in the details and this is probably a mix of WoW/AMD/Windows kind of software issue. Since it doesn't seem that AMD is having an open channel with Blizzard, I'll be the middle man.

Windows 10 is up to date, BIOS is up to date, AMD chipset and GPU driver are up to date. I have no issues with temperatures or hardware failures in Event Viewer. I stress tested my CPU, GPU and RAM, I have no errors in any synthetic benchmark. I tried both BIOS modes for my GPU - PowerColor Red Devil 7900 XTX. I tried default, undervolting and custom(aggressive fan curve and zero-fan off) profiles, rest of the settings are default. NOTHING WORKS!

What now?

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Journeyman III

Blizzard's forums and Reddit have been flooded with such posts in the past year. I, myself, got convinced to buy a 7800 XT. "Go AMD! It's VFM! They fixed their drivers, they're good now!" said all the reviewers and influencers. Personally, I feel depressed. I don't care if the cards run seamlessly in every other title (they don't, people are having issues in other games too). The one game I really care for, I can't utilize my card the way I want to. I just wanted to crank the graphics to 11 and enjoy the game. Now I'm forced to turn off multiple features and settings that in 7 years with my GTX 1060 6GB I never had to. Now I'm forced to switch to DX11 if I want to not have TDRs mid-fight in Raids and Mythic+. Now I'm forced to turn the graphics down to make up the difference from DX12 to 11. And besides, if you choose MSAA x8, there's a good chance you'll still get TDRs in DX11 too. 


What's worse is that no party has communicated clearly what the issue is, what workarounds work the best, when they will be addressing the issue or which party is at fault here. It's just radio silence. All the AMD users are left to rot and figure it out by themselves. Just like you, I've spent so much time troubleshooting and thinking about it that this time would have been better spent buying a more expensive NVIDIA card and keeping my peace of mind instead. 

For the love of God, someone from AMD, please communicate. I've left countless bug reports. Just what the heck is going on? We've spent so much money and time on these graphics cards. We want to use them. 

Yup, just registered to answer your post. I am in the same driver crash boat with an 7900XT after "upgrading" from an 1080Ti. The AMD GPUs are faulty products in their current state. Looking back from my first 3D accelerator in 1998 (Vodoo2) and experiencing really bottom of the line chips like the S3 Savage2000 i can safely say that this 7900XT has been the worst experience in terms of quality i have EVER experienced in PC gaming to this point. I will get any AMD hardware (not only GPUs) stripped from my companies inventory in the next couple of weeks. Enough is enough. I own this GPU since over a year and constantly have to struggle ingame with random driver timeouts. 

Adept I

Agreed with the communication frustration. At least on Blizzard's side (World of Warcraft), I was able to get some acknowledgment of the issue from one of their blues. Nothing from AMD at all.

Journeyman III

I am having this problem too with 7900xtx.

Wow dungeon/random blackscreen, freeze, after few seconds to minutes it restore with this error AMD driver timeout, reported and still problems.

Cpu: i9-10900k

Gpu: 7900xtx

Ram: 128gb



I don't understand what is the gpu team doing they only have 1 job, to make sure we can play games without lag or problem else why do you need to purchase top end gpu. I moved from 3080 to 7900xtx guess wrong move.