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Journeyman III

With the new driver 19.12.2 my Windows 10 1909 freezes shortly after start

Hi there I've got an AMD Ryzen 2500U on an HP envy 13-ag0005ng. After installing everything stops working after Windows ist starting. Everything just freezes. My only possible thing I could do is roll back to an previous backup which I fortunately had made some days before.

Even when have a clean installation of windows there is the same problem. When comming to a certain point of loading, the computer just won't response anymore. This even happens at the Login screen of Windows 10 if you are not fast enough to login.

Is this bug known?

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Adept I

I also have an HP envy X360 but the HP ENVY 13-ag0000 x360 but with the 2700U and get the same lockup of windows on reboot after installing the driver.

This problem occurs 19.12.2 and also with the new 19.12.3 niether driver works.

Had to roll back to a previous backup to get windows working again.  Ended up using driver version 19.12.1 (2019) get windows 10 1909 to work again without freezing.

The new 2020 driver are a total fail from worst driver I have seen from any company in the 20 to 30 years I have been using PC's

Also tried AMD driver removal tool as well as DDU before installing the drivers and always ended up with windows freezing after install and reboot.

Adept I

Also tested the new 2020-20.1.2 drivers the same thing happens windows locks up on boot and have to revert back to 19.12.1 to get a working install of windows.   These drivers are the worst set of drivers I have come across. not much help if you cannot even log into windows as it locks up at the login screen on the 2700u Ryzen 7 Laptop I have.



Yupp. Same here. Both new driver versions crash.

Adept I

Tested 20.1.4 Still the same locks up windows on reboot at lock screen

i've had the same issue, and it seems i can prevent it by constantly moving the mouse cursor around, or having something on screen that moves or changes all the time. ive reported this issue in every driver version since 19.12.2, with no reply.

Volunteer Moderator

Everyone with this issue should report it to AMD: 

So far sent in bug reports fpr this and a previous version and not received any feedback from AMD

Adept I

20.2.1 tested same thing crashes on reboot also reported to AMD not happy about these shoddy drivers spending too much time with these rather than earning money

Adept III

You can fix the problem with this command

REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000" /v DalPSRFeatureEnable /t REG_DWORD /d 0

Somebody should tell either HP their screens are buggy, or to AMD that they shouldn't do these sweeping changes silently.

Adept I

I have exactly the same laptop, Hp ENVY x360 13inch ryzen 5 2500u. A few weeks ago, on windows 10 1909, I downloaded AMD adrenalin version 20.4.2 which was the recommended driver. The optional driver was 20.5.1 which at the time was not yet microsoft certified. I was able to succesfully download 20.4.2 and had it running perfectly. Downloaded windows 10 2004, which automatically downgraded the adrenalin down to 2019 version (i think it's due to compatibility issues, 20.5.1 has W10 2004 support). I still tried downloading 20.4.2 but it failed with error 1603. I wasn't comfortable with trying 20.5.1 at that point (wasn't widely tested yet) so I rolled back to W10 1909.

A few weeks later I decided to redownload 20.4.2 (still on 1909) because it told me it was the "recommended version" but encountered error 1604 at 99%!!!! I used AMD cleanup utility and tried again which finished the installation all the way, but upon rebooting the laptop I got the freeze problem you guys have mentioned- touchpad, touchscreen, keyboard, even external mouse all frozen after about 15 seconds signing in. I quickly started the cleanup utility again, uninstalled it, freezing was gone, so I knew 20.4.2 somehow isn't properly compatible anymore, which is strange because I had it running fine a few weeks ago- was there a new 20.4.2 patch? Anyhow I gave 20.5.1 a go (which was now microsoft certified) and to my suprise after the reboot it's running fine and stable. Why has this happened? Does being on windows 10 2004 at one point have something to do with this?