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Why is SteamVR intergation missing on MSI RX570 ARMOR 8GB OC

(Reposting because disappeard after updating)

My Specs

FX-8350 (N/OC)

MSI Radeon RX 570 8GB ARMOR OC (N/OC)

8GB ram

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 R2

Display LG 4K HDR  Smart TV 49"

240gb ssd

700W psu

Windows10-HOME-@64bit-Build 1809


On there website it says it is supported

Radeon™ ReLive Wireless VR is compatible with: AMD Radeon™ RX 570, RX 580, RX 590 & RX Vega series products. Supports: Windows® 10. Recommended experience on Radeon™ RX Vega series graphics cards.


So why is it not there I'm on the latest update and still nothing was looking forward to playing on LG v30 daydream.


I've done many clean install & even started a fresh windows 10 copy; Still nothing.


Is this a bug or is it because its not a AMD Brand?

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ANYTHING? Have already reported this 2 updates ago they just said thx for feedback and did nothing.

Is there a better way to contact them?


Sorry you have not had any replies of help. I have zero experience with any VR tech. These forums are USER TO USER not actual AMD support. Maybe nobody else who has seen this yet does either hence no replies. 

Have you tried asking this question in the Steam VR forum yet. I searched and did not see one. You might try and ask there too if you already did not.  SteamVR General Discussions :: Steam Community 

Steam tech support is pretty good, you might ask them too. AMD support is only available here:  Online Service Request | AMD 

You might want to ask MSI too, as I have had cards in the past where the driver supports functions and they are not available because the card maker didn't choose to support a feature. 

When you installed the AMD driver was the hardware for the VR all plugged in and operational. Not sure if that maybe is required and was not done. I apologize again for my ignorance on this topic. 

I hope someone comes along with better help .

Adept I

Same problem here... very frustrating because this was a large reason I purchased an AMD card finally and switched from Nvidia.


ya I've tried everyway to fix. Even troubleshooting with amd support for like 3-4 weeks. In the end they just said we can't fix it so we will just take the problem as feedback and said thanks. 

seems to be happening with alot of ppl with amd rx 570 for over 4 months. 


Just received an email back from support stating that the 570 "is not supported" however they still advertise it as supported on their website and in the ReLive FAQ.  Seems like false advertising to me.

ya they don't know what they are talking about because quite a bit of ppl with rx 570 have it unlocked N not once did they tell me it wasn't supported. 


you can even watch ppl do test runs on youtube


We have seen many reports of misinformation from AMD employees from tech support and right here in these forums. Apparently AMD doesn't teach the people speaking for them very well. Not sure where the blame goes for it not working on the Steam side on the AMD side or a bit of both. But it is supported according to AMD.

Straight from the FAQ:

Do I need specific software installed on my PC in order to use it?Radeon™ Relivefor VR uses Steam and its SteamVR component in order to work

seems more of an amd problem rather than steam I don't even Think u need steam installed because if you don't amd software would ask you to install it before playing steam vr. 

Atleast as far as I can see from watching others use it.

Also during my chat with amd I showed them many other ppl with the same problem on reddit. They just said they havn't seen anyone reporting this bug so they havn't tried to fix it.

so maybe if more ppl report it they will fix it. 


Yeah, if it was a Steam issue you'd logically receive an error after trying to enable it or something... I don't even have the switch to enable it!


Wow, what an amazingly terrible user experience this all seems to be.  Lots of regrets trying to save a few bucks and switching from Nvidia.  I now see why everyone who switches from Nvidia to AMD almost always switch back.

You hear me PR/Customer Service department?  *knock* *knock*

Adept I

I'm getting SO SICK of repeatedly getting the same 'canned' responses from AMD support.  This is really  making me regret switching from Nvidia!  Each time a new release of the driver comes out I get the same standardized "You should try the new driver" and then when I tell them it doesn't work "You should do a clean uninstall/reinstall."  What do we need to do to get these support people to submit the issue as an actual software bug and not just continuously feed us BS over and over again?  So frustrating.

I agree but the support tickets are the ONLY avenue they give us to communicate. So count yourself lucky if you get help and absolutely vote with your dollars next time you purchase if you don't.