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Updating Vega 56 drivers using radeon settings causes adobe programs to not recognise the GPU.

Upgrading the drivers for my MSI RX Vega 56 Airboost GPU from within the radeon settings application using the express install option consistently stops adobe programs (premiere pro, after effects, etc) from recognising my GPU. This means that i can't use gpu acceleration for any of the tasks within those programs. The only way for me to fix this issue is by completely uninstalling all amd related driver software and programs from my pc, downloading the newest driver package from the AMD website, and installing it manually through that. This is an issue that has only been happening with my Vega 56, not the R9 290 that i had before it and has been present through roughly 8 new driver releases. A fix/solution to this extremely disruptive issue would be greatly appreciated.

Also, not sure if it's related, but after updating to the newest driver, radeon settings constantly tells me that there is a "new update", but that "new update" is actually an older version compared to the one i install.

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