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the new driver Adrenalin Edition and really derible on my PC loss of performance

the new driver Adrenalin Edition and really derible on my PC  but games its terrible with less FPS performance I came back on crimson driver 17.11.1 much more stable for my machine how do i do to fix expects a newer driver more stable for r9 card 380  had always updated but AMD driver with no problem depuit the new Adrenalin Edition driver I had a lot of problem    Could anyone help me please ?  

Operating system

Windows 10 Professional 64-bi version 1709 .16299.214 Intel Core i3 @ 3.70G   Skylake technology RAM

7.00 GB Motherboard

ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. H170M-PLUS (LGA1151) 2048 MoATI AMD Radeon R9 380 Series (Sapphire / PCPartner) Storage

931GB Seagate ST1000DX001-1NS162 (SATA)

232GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB (SSD)

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There are several Adrenalin drivers 4 so far I think, there are some know issues with some but most have good luck with one of the latest 2. Which one(s) are you having issues with? You can submit a report to AMD here: AMD Issue Reporting Form   You can usually find the link for reporting your issues to AMD at the bottom of the pinned release notes at the top of the forum page.


Have your tried installing the latest BIOS on for your motherboard? i have found windows 10 aswell as new GPUS act funny on older BIOS.

thanks for the answer if i but update the motherboard you think that its going to correct the problem it worries me to update the motherboard i already have a problem when i update in the past ??


Sorry not matt here. But usually when you update your bios it will make a backup or you can download your current bios too. You can always re-flash the old bios again if the new one isn't to your liking.


R9 380 Here - No problems with 18.2.2.

Adept III

R9200 series:

When ReLive is automatic active if close anything that plays sound (i.e. a video or browser tab) before the sound has finished playing, it creates a tiny audio feedback loop that only ends when another sound is played. I can not catch this on a video. Any time I use a video recording software, even the built in AMD one, the bug does not occur. If I save the instant replay of the noise I hear, the sound does not play in the recording. The bug stops when I turn off ReLive, and starts when I turn it on.

solutions?? in addition to returning to the previous version naturally, before December everything worked perfectly