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Journeyman III

The best FreeSync settings for less lag

What is the best configuration for AMD FreeSync that allows tearfree and least input lag possible?

I keep hearing that turning Enhanced Sync with FreeSync goes well for them, or will that combo be affected once I switch Radeon AntiLag on?

Others say that this helps them in reducing latency

  1. Enable Freesync in the monitor's OSD and the AMD driver.

  2. Enable Vsync in the monitor's driver and disable it in game. In some game's the driver Vsync will not function in which case using the in game Vsync option will work but be sure to disable any extra frame buffering. The driver Vsync option is preferable because there is guaranteed to be no additional buffering. EDIT: Just to clarify do not enable triple buffering as this will add significant input lag.

  3. Set the in game FPS limiter 3-5 fps below the refresh rate of your monitor. If the game does not have a limiter you can use Riva Tuner Statistics Server to limit framerate with a very negligable increase in input lag (~3ms). Do not use the FRTC limiter in the AMD driver because it will cause much more input lag (~18ms).


Or using u/AMD_Roberts advice

Do not use any sort of frame capping with FreeSync. The frame time analysis algorithms that govern FreeSync, FRTC or other methods will conflict and break both solutions. It's unnecessary. Here's why:

  1. The only time you'd want to turn off vsync with FreeSync is if the app's FPS can go way above your monitor's max refresh and you want the lowest possible input latency at the expense of a little tearing at high framerates. FRTC is the antithesis of this, so it doesn't make sense to use FRTC in this case.

  2. If you're not trying to get the lowest possible input latency, or the app's FPS stays inside your monitor's DRR window on the regular, then leaving vsync enabled will cap your framerate anyways. FRTC is redundant.

FRTC is for people with regular ol' monitors who are playing low-demand games running in the hundreds of FPS, which just burns power and runs the fan faster than necessary.


Or is there a different one from these to use that give the best results

Currently using 2200G and its Vega 8 iGP and Asus VP249QGR @ HDMI connection.

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