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Adept I

Text Select pointer goes to being white colored when hovering over black text

Hello, a couple of days ago, windows updates automatically installed a new AMD display driver on my laptop. Since then, the "Select Text" mouse pointer (which is the pointer that shows up when you hover over text) has been showing up as being white colored even when hovering over black text with a white background, which makes it very hard to tell where the mouse pointer is located at. However, if I move the mouse pointer a bit (while hovering over black text) and also just do a left click, the Text Select pointer goes back to being black colored.


  • This is on Windows 11.
  • I clean installed Windows 11 and the issue still persists.
  • Driver version causing the issue: 31.0.12016.9
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5500U with integrated graphics
  • RAM: 8GB
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Adept I

This happens to me as well. There is a bug report on Chromium project for this as well here. Please if you are a developer at AMD look into this, it seems to occur on AMD GPUs in Chromium. It includes a video demonstrating the exact issue. It seems to happen within Text input fields when you open a new tab. May also be related to dual monitors. In Google Docs it takes a very long time for the cursor to change to the correct color.

In Windows Settings - Mouse have you tried to change the color of the Mouse pointer to a different color to see if the same thing occurs?

Screenshot 2022-11-22 150337.png


Yes I have, and if I do that, the issue is gone. The issue seems to be with only the default text select pointer.

Adept I

Yes we have, it occurs when the default cursor is set. That is in the bug report on

"Also, another note, this only happens when the system default cursors are enabled in Windows 11. The other cursor themes do not exhibit the issue."

Journeyman III

This sounds like another MPO related issue.

create the following reg key and reboot.


to disable multi plane overlay.

Not an expert and I'm sure someone will correct me but I believe amd doesn't have a dedicated hardware cursor plane and gets its properties from the overlay plane it is attached to. If a program doesn't take this into account (and mpo is in use) The DWM messes up the cursor display.

This is a Quasi-expert solution. At first, I was afraid to use this method until one Lenove senior supporter ask me to do so. It is a legendary solution. I have also looked into this by referring to Nvidia's official solution for a similar bug.

Adept I

Definitely, I am having the same problem. Thank you for opening this issue, and doing some basic research.

I have also working on this problem for nearly two weeks.

I greatly agree with your opinion that it is a hardware-related problem, because of the following reasons.

1. My colleagues using the same AMD R7-5800H CPU with GPU inside, win 11 OS, and Edge/ chrome also meet the same problem. The others who have the same setting but an Intel i5-12500H do not.

2. Disable the hardware acceleration, the problem does not show again.

3. When using the AMD CPU with a Nivda RTX2080 GPU, everything is right.

4. I have repaired and cleanly start Win 11 without non-essential service, reinstalled Edge or Chrome, and reset settings to default, but the problem keeps still.

5. When recording the problem with a screen recording software(e.g. Faston capture, OBS studio), the recorded video is alright and the problem can not be seen in the video. But at the same time recording with a camera shooting the screen, the problem is obvious.

It is a pity. I have sent an e-mail to AMD Global support center reporting this problem, but their Chinese colleges refused to look into this bug, as I use an OEM laptop manufactured by Lenovo. I have also contacted Lenovo support, but they can not fix this bug either.

This problem frustrates me.

Adept I

Post update: I have clean installed Windows 10, and windows updates didn't install the new driver for my laptop, so the issue is gone for me right now.


Wise choice, but rolling back to Win 10 is at high cost for me, due to so many programs have been installed.

Post Update 2: I switched to & clean installed windows 11 and the issue still persists.


Thanks for your info. AMD supprot ask me to do so, but I resfuse because it is highly cost.

Journeyman III

happen to me too on this new driver 22.11.1.

well at least the workaround use black cursor.


Use Beam-R series black cursors is a valid solution. Hope this bug does not affect other applications.