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Switchable Graphics is broken since the start of this year - unable to use dedicated GPU

I am using Windows 10 on an ASUS K550I laptop. My laptop has an AMD FX-9830P processor with integrated Radeon R7 Graphics. It also has a dedicated GPU, the Radeon RX460.
Previously I could switch between them using the "Switchable Graphics" option in the Radeon software. That option was removed in Adrenalin 2020 update so there is now no way to do so using the Radeon software.
Browsing the forums here and on the windows forums it seems like the way is to change the setting to "high performance" in Windows Graphics Settings. However, this still only presents me with the option of using the R7 card even though the RX460 is visible in Device Manager.

How can it be that both Windows and Andrenalin clearly recognise a graphics card but there is no way for me to use it? Is there a way to manually choose it?

Some have been saying that you need to change your switchable graphics power plan in Windows to "maximum performance" but that has not worked for me.

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Any AMD moderators to answer this? amdradeonhelp‌ I also experiencing this problem


The switchable graphics option is now controlled by a Microsoft setting. Look at "Display" settings on your computer..scroll down to 'graphics'.


ive done that for minecraft but it still wont use the dedicated gpu 

Adept I

Could anyone help us? I have the same problem with my ASUS X555


switchable graphics has been a problem for mobile users for a very long time, its a solution that has not worked well in practice


You can report the issue to AMD: 

I will say this...Minecraft has more complaints.. ..than any other game. With laptops. Same holds true for this forum. Laptops are funny. I don't care how powerful the discrete card is, if the laptop decides it doesn't need the high performance graphics, it won't use it or even have a option to use it.

They are very clear about OGL games:

"When configuring Dynamic Switchable Graphics in the Catalyst Control Center, the notebook does not permit any OpenGL applications to be associated with the Discrete (dGPU) or high-performance GPU. OpenGL applications work using power-saving or Integrated GPU (iGPU) but performance levels are lower than expected.
OpenGL is not supported on the Discrete GPU when using the Dynamic Switchable Graphics feature. To enable discreet GPU support for OpenGL applications, enable Fixed Mode Switchable Graphics in the BIOS."
So for a work around you could use the same instructions. You can disable the integrated graphics and use the discrete graphics only. This change is made in the bios and is not available on all models.
BTW...All people with this issue should report or two people is not going to cause a lot of excitement.
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I have a solution, I´ve installed a previous driver (Radeon 17.4.3 - It is a driver downloaded a long time ago in my pc, but another version could work) and also I´ve disabled the automatic windows driver update. ControPanel>System>Advanced system settings>Hardware>Device Installation Settings.

Now I can select which GPU use on each application, I´ve tested utilization of GPU 1 (discrete) with COD and Google Earth Pro.

I hope it could be useful for you.

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I am writing from my own PCs experience. My own PCs config is as under - 

System: HP 15 ba017ax laptop

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v1909

Processor (APU): AMD A8-7410 with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics 2.20 Ghz

Installed RAM: 16.0 GB (14.9 GB usable)

Primary / Integrated Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics

Primary / Integrated Graphics Chipset Memory Size: 1024 MB

Discrete / Switchable Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M330 (It is actually M430 - correctly identified by HP OEM drivers, but with AMD drivers it is identified as M330)

Discrete / Switchable Graphics Chipset Memory Size: 2048 MB (incorrectly identified as 1024 MB in Windows 10 task manager - performance tab)

I had seen all these messages wherein people find it impossible to make their discrete graphics chipset to work in Windows 10 with AMD Adrenalin 2020 drivers. Applications always tend to work with Primary / Integrated GPU, including measures like - Graphics settings in Win 10 settings etc.

Even I faced the same issue, wherein my games never used the discrete graphics and always forced my PC to work with the Primary / Integrated GPU causing serious slowdown of my PC. Graphics settings in my OS showed same GPU name in both power saving and High performance and selecting high performance there had no effects. Finally, I found a solution to my issues, which I am sharing with all - 

It is the Primary / Integrated GPU which is connected to display through hardware connection. The discrete graphics chip is not built as a separate hardware unit in my motherboard to be detected in the graphics settings of Win 10 under high performance tab. It is like a co-processor (a subset of the primary GPU) which need to be made visible to OS for usage through separate software, which is graphics driver. Once made visible to OS, it shares the hardware connection of the Primary / Integrated GPU to display for its performance. Now which driver to use.

I found AMD Radeon software version 19.11.1  to be the latest one to provide switchable graphics tab, allow the High Performance GPU (Discrete / Switchable GPU) to be assigned to individual applications run on the system and the same is captured in the performance tab of Win 10 task manager while such applications are running. Also for the applications, I had assigned the Discrete / Switchable GPU (high performance GPU) in AMD radeon settings, I had also set them to high performance in Win 10 graphics settings to avoid any conflict from OS, though in there both GPUs are shown as same.

Any version after 19.11.1 gets into the ambit of Adrenalin 2020 wherein such switchable graphics options are unavailable. Adrenalin 2020 assumes that the graphics settings of Win10 will do this task of switchable graphics, but it seems Win 10 does not identify the co-processor model of discrete / switchable graphics.

Thus, it would be wise to stay at this level of graphics drivers till the time switchable options are restored in future adrenalin versions of radeon settings. Do let me know, if such measures helped you or not.