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Journeyman III

Still can't play SW:Battlefront 2

I can only run SW:Battlefront 2 with the driver : 17.11.1 any latest driver makes the game unplayable.

Crazy that is nothing happening about this issue, a lot of people been reporting this issue on EA servers yet nothing happens and it's 3/8/2018.

I need to roll back drivers if I want to play Battlefront at this point.

Like?Look into this?

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I played this game 2 nights ago for about 3 hours with no issue on the latest drivers. I was in single player though not multi.  I am on RX 580 and ran with highest settings.

Since you mentioned it works with 17.11.1 my guess is that you are suffering from the known power phasing issues in the driver introduced with Wattman (no clue why they still have not fixed this as it is the #1 problem for all cards and games on this forum from what I can tell). What you need to do is go to global wattman and just below the fan setting is the power limit slider. Slide it all the way to the right, to its maximum. Don't worry they don't allow you to go higher than what your card can support. This gives your card the power it really needs and make many games playable that were crashing again.