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Journeyman III

Screen Tearing and Micro-Stuttering in DC Universe Online


I recently moved over to a Sapphire RX 480 8GB from a EVGA GTX 970.

Since then I been experiencing screen tearing and micro-stuttering in DCUO.

DCUO is my hobby of many years and I did not anticipate any problems moving over to Radeon.

The game itself is a very low intensity game by today's standards.

I have played with the settings and managed to improve this problem.. however, I am left with the choice of either micro-stuttering or screen tearing .

I did not have this problem with the GTX 970.

I have tried:

Turning on/off VSync/Enhanced VSync with each combination of 'OpenGL triple buffering'.

Using Chill in combinations of the above.

Using Frame Lock with combinations of all the above.

Using supersample/adaptive multisampling/multisample.

SFO is off.. I tried it ON and it got worse, so after that I left it.

Power Efficiency in combination with the other settings seemed to help a little but I don't know if it was that or the other settings. (it was still unacceptable)

Maybe I should change that back.

I was totally not expecting this .. and if the following isn't so, please can long term MMOs have extra support as their user base will play these games for many more years than AAA titles as it's more of a hobby than a game, meaning it's not just AAA games that has tens of hours for users but MMOs get THOUSANDS of hours pumped into them :

Any help would be appreciated.



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Adept I

Hello Dava. I see u created this topic a year ago, but in case u still have those issues, i can help. I play this game too among others, with an rx-570 on Windows 10. I use same settings for every game and rarely i'll change some detail for a specific game.

Now to the point. My monitor, connected via DP, supports freesync and 75hz at 1080p, but even without it, i have no tearing. Micro-stuttering can be caused by various factors but u can minimize it too. Here's how i have set the options, that work the same with HDMI too but without freesync in this case...

- Vsync always off (enhanced sync causes troubles all the time or it will simply make no difference for some games), besides, Vsync for AMD, works only in Opengl games, so if one wants to use it for DX, he ticks the game's setting box. Either it's off or on in amd panel, it's ignored for DX always
- AF depends on what u want but generally it does not drop performance or causes tearing-stuttering
- The most critical part, is to use always FRTC 5fps lower than your monitor's rate. I have mine set at 70fps globally and per profile too
- Don't bother with opengl buffering, the game is DX9

- AA does not seem to work in any setting, so let it use the app settings

- Surface format off

- Chill is simply useless the way i see it and unreliable, FRTC does far better work and besides, u can't use them simultaneously and u should not try to even if u see both on (logical)

As for the stuttering, if u use SSD, it should be minor, but it highly depends on which map u r into, and how many players are around. Also make sure to check disk for errors and ofc avoid using apps that use your net background and is very essential your OS to be in good shape, something that many people overlook but is very important, since all apps depend on it.

I hope i helped, even now, and be sure that with these settings, all my games run smooth with constant 70fps with minor exceptions per area and load.


Firstly thank you for trying Spiros

I had that card for 2 months and when I posted this it had already been a month or so. Sapphire also had been giving me the run around yet again with an RMA (iirc their third time doing this.. never buying Sapphire again)

I moved to a GTX 1070 and now a RTX 2080ti.. while I'm aware of the price gouging going on over at NV, they actually care about their drivers.. which is something I felt was failing with AMD. micro-stutter and tearing is a very old AMD problem that I thought was fixed (I had two 280X's that were great) but that RX 480 was the nail in the coffin for my belief in AMD for graphics cards.

As an aside, more and more companies are becoming more and more difficult with customers in regards of obtaining an RMA .. flip if someone offered a third party RMA on all cards and charged.. say £100 a pop, that would make a pretty penny, if a card manuf. did it.. they would become popular overnight. (all cards AMD and NV) I mention this because I had a faulty Titan X Pascal and no one would do a third party RMA for money I was offering.. REAL MONEY..

I digress.. drivers were undoubtedly my issue. I used driver cleaner and everything but no.

My system is a HP Z600 workstation with 12c/24t and many many drivers, PCIE drives, SSDs.. 24GB of DDR3.. more stuff.


Well, i must say that i agree with you in part, as not all AMD cards work bad, but their drivers indeed need lot of work. My last purchase was from Asus which i will never buy again and those of gigabyte as well. As an RX570 it has potential, but it's not correctly guided by amd, despite the interesting options in their panel.

I never had issues from NV though, perhaps because the game developers support it more than amd, but i admit they do better job. Surely manufacturers have great share of responsibility too as to how their products will behave, if we exclude the driver part.

Anyway, keep those tips i mentioned above in case u need them in the future, and i strongly recommend u since u now use NV, to always disable Vsync in games and set for each profile Adaptive sync full.