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Journeyman III

RX6600m driver issues HP OMEN 16

Hi! I have a HP OMEN 16 with AMD hardware.

CPU: Ryzen 7 5800H

GPU: RX 6600M


The GPU has worked fine for most the year but recently stopped working. When checking device manager, I get a yellow error for the GPU. Also I can't monitor the GPU temperature.

Fixes I tried:

1) DDU (and turning off network) and installing AMD latest drivers and older drivers (23.3.1), also installing drivers from the HP website. Sometimes the error in device manager goes away and I can read GPU temps, but when playing a game, the GPU crashes and I would get AMD error. 


2) Factory rebooting the laptop to factory settings. Same driver errors with GPU.


3) I was going to update the GPU BIOS to factory BIOS, but it notified me the BIOS is the same as factory, so I didn't do it. Should I consider doing this? Maybe GPU is corrupted. 


4) Disabled auto-updates from windows.


I suspect maybe the GPU could be physically damaged? I'm going to get some thermal paste and inspect it, maybe there is a faulty connection from high temps?


Sometimes when trying to install AMD drivers, I would get the error "driver failed to load".

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