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Journeyman III

RX 6700 XT + Adrenalin Edition 22.6.1

This isn't a new issue that's tied specifically to this version of the Adrenalin software. It's been an ongoing issue since I purchased the card in February of 2022. There hasn't been a single update to the Adrenalin software, however, that fixed or even improved upon the issue.

What happens at the time of the "crash" is 1 of 2 monitors will just go black and start to say no signal. If I try to click on anything on the other monitor, or so much as press a key on my keyboard, the other monitor will freeze up, and Windows will reboot. I've got a crash log in the Windows events records as well as a message in the Adrenalin software about the WattMan settings being restored to default due to a system failure.

I could be doing literally nothing. On a fresh boot, and the first time I move my mouse it black screens me. I could have 4-6 chrome tabs open, shopping. Suddenly it black screens me. I could be doing something in Photoshop or Affinity Designer, it'll black screen me. I could be playing games, something as light as VALORANT or something heavier and more demanding like GTA V or Halo Infinite.

It seems totally random. I can't link it to temps, I can't link it to something like a memory leak where my RAM or VRAM isn't being freed up after being used by the apps I've got running. I can't seem to trace it back to anything specific.

Everything from temps to NVMe speeds and CPU clock. Everything is completely normal. All of a sudden "WattMan" needs to be reset to default and my card black screens me on 1 of 2 monitors and reboots Windows the second I move my mouse over the the 2nd monitor. Despite the fact that I've never touched "WattMan" settings to change them from their defaults.

It's been happening and being a thorn in my side since switching from my old GTX 1060 6GB to the newer RX 6700 XT 12GB card.

It makes me miss my old and dated 1060 6GB.

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Journeyman III


I think I solved the issue by disabling AMD fTPM in BIOS.

"SCEP Certificate enrollment initialization for WORKGROUP\DESKTOP-*******$ via https://AMD-KeyId-**************************************** failed:"

This is what I'm seeing in Event Viewer. It's returning a 404.

I believe that this is the cause of everything screeching to a halt suddenly at seemingly random times.

If you're running an AMD build (you most likely are, if you're here), with an AMD CPU specifically, and you constantly black screen like I was then you might not have a bad GPU or PSU.

Check the logs in Event Viewer and go to BIOS and disable AMD fTPM if you see the same log that I have.