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Journeyman III

Recent updates Causes Black screen-driver crash and adrenaline boot error on windows start

So i purchased Modern Warfare 2 this week and was forced to update to the recent drivers and since then my PC has been getting frozen once in a while gaming.  Windows report log indicates the amd drivers crashed. Also, when i boot the computer and Adrenaline boots up, it crashes with a specific error. I've tried repairing the file, adjusting its compatibilty permissions, I've done a clean install with AMD cleanup tool ( in safe mode) and error still persists. 

I will revert to older drivers to see if it fixes it but wont be able to play MW2 as it requires the latest ones.

PC never crashed before this and i play a ton of games. Rig is win11 (max updated) 5950x, 6800xt OC, 64G Rams and 850 PSU , with multiple M.2 ( one for windows, one for gaming etc). Tried also to delete the registry key for this specificaly and its still doing the same thing.



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Journeyman III

Recently, I also had this kind of problem. When I play cod19 for a period of time, the computer will directly restart with a black screen, which takes about 1-2 hours. Even if all the default settings are used, this problem still exists, and it will also appear when I play uncharted pc. The error restart was recorded in the windows event, but the error reason of the restart was not marked.  5800x+68xt+windows11  22h2