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Journeyman III

Rainbow Six Siege | Vulkan engine screen tearing even with Vsync | AMD Radeon Vega 56

The problem:

I noticed while playing Rainbow Six Siege (my only Vulkan API game) some screen tearing noticeable mainly in the bottom quarter of my screen.

What I tried:

Latest drivers 20.2.2, also tried clean reinstalling them twice. Reinstalled monitor firmware as well. Verified game file integrity. Tried enabling Vsync. Capping at 72fps from game 'settings.ini' with and without Vsync. Capping with Chill at 72fps with and without Vsync. Tearing still occurs while in Vulkan. While on DX11 I see no tearing but input lag is slightly higher and performance also worse, that's why I'd prefer Vulkan.


  • AMD Ryzen 2600 X
  • AMD Radeon Vega 56 (Asus Strix)
  • Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB (3000MHz)
  • LG 29WK500 Freesync 75Hz (checked and FS is ON)

Additional notes:

I already submitted a ticket to support but came here to know if there's any fix or temporary workaround. Maybe it's the game engine, found nothing in regard though.


I installed Radeon 20.3.1 drivers today and screen tearing seems completely gone, at least, I didn't notice any tearing across 5 hours of Rainbow Six Siege in Vulkan so far.

Patch notes mentioned "added Vulkan support" and "support for Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Vulkan API"

If I have to guess:

  1. The improved Vulkan support also fixed this issue
  2. Support for Ghost Recon Breakpoint improved also Rainbow Six Siege, both are Ubisoft games so maybe the Vulkan API works very similar
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