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Adept I

Radeon Software 20.11.2 issues with VRAM clock in Idle with RX5700 @75hz refresh

Hi Folks, Hi AMD Devs.

There must be a little bug again in your 20.11.2 driver release. 

I use my RX5700 Gaming X on a Asus B350-F Board with 16 gb of DDR4 3000 Memory and a 600 Watt BeQuiet PSU since December 2019 driving an Iiyama Black Hawl 75 hz 1080p Freesync Monitor. Until Radeon Software 20.11.1, with GPU set zu 75 hz refreshrate, the VRAM of my card was clocked to idle (200 mhz), even when adding a 60 hz LG screen to enlarge the desktop. 

After installing 20.11.2, the VRAM of my card constantly runs at may speed (1750 mhz) and only clocks to idle when I set the refresh rate to 60 hz. 

This behavior cannot be wanted an normal. I understand that at way higher refresh rates the VRAM does NOT downclock in idle state (240 hz for eg). But after a year having the VRAM clocking down in Idle with a 75 HZ refresh rate I cannot believe that ahigher VRAM clock is suddenly nessecary. 

I have to add: When I lower the refreshrate to 60 hz, the VRAM clocks down as it used to to with all previous drivers at 75 hz.

Please AMD fix this issue ASAP. 

At the rest of the users here: Do you experience the same? It seems that Jayztwocents also experienced this issue in his RX6800 test video. In his live demo he shows radeon software in an idle state with the VRAM clockt at max speed. He does not mention it - but he is more used to Nvidia drivers...

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Adept I

So as the problem ist still existing even with 20.11.3 and 20.12.1, some German people on the Forum "Computer Base" went into further investigation.


There seems to be an issue the driver has with the timing of some displays - expecially with the blanking time. For those of you who are capable of reading german (or are keen on using google translator), here might be a workaround using the Tool CRU (Custom Resulotion Utility). With this tool, you adjust the blanking lines of the resulotion you use so that the VRAM clocks down again. One User established a formula to calculate the accurate number of blanking lines you need in order to let your GPU work as intended again. Read yourself  in the link down below. And AMD: Fix this. This problem is on your side and the VRAM constantly at max clock speed ist NOT normal by all means. So stop telling us that.


[HowTo] VRAM taktet nicht runter - Lösung mittels CRU| Seite 2 | ComputerBase Forum

Sad that the users themselves have to find a solution with 3rd party programs :(

PLEASE AMD fix it with your drivers!!

Journeyman III

I have the same Issue. Got my brand new 6900XT yesterday and had to find out that if I use my DELL S2721DGF Monitor at 165hz my VRAM clocks at 2000mhz all the time and does not go into IDLE mode. In Result I have 44Watts usage all the time, even i IDLE mode.

If I set my Monitor refresh rate from 165hz to 144hz then my 6900XT VRAM will go into IDLE with around 7 Watts usage


I hope AMD will see this and fix this issue...