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Journeyman III

Radeon R7 M340 Graphics card not working.

Hello, I recently bought a Hp 15-ba072nc notebook
the notebook comes with a 4gb dedicated graphics card and a 512mb integrated graphics card.
I have encountered very many problems with the graphics system of the notebook. First, the Task Manager only shows that the dedicated card only has 512mb of memory instead of the 4gbGPU Performance.pngGPU Integrated.png

Annotation 2019-10-20 153625.png
When i try to run a program that requires the utilization of the dedicated gpu, it only utilizes the integrated graphics card.
I have applied every fix to try and solve the issue but nothing works
here are some of the things i have done
1. I have updated my system BIOS
2. I have updated my windows to the latest edition(1903)
3. I have updated all my drivers
4. I have set my profiles in the radeon settings to high performance for the apps that require the utilization of the external graphics card
5. I have tried using previous versions of the graphics card drivers(i have tried more than 10 drivers including drivers from 2017 to the most recent one 19.10.1 but none works)
6. I have used drivers provided by HP i.e those downloaded from HP support assistant.
7. I have used the AMD auto detect tool to install my drivers but there has been no change
8. I have also gone a step further and reinstalled windows on my notebook.

Is there any solution to this?
I bought the notebook to use for graphics design and light gaming which I believe it is capable of doing it i haven't been able to do any of those.
Could you please tell me what to do, or is there no solution.
I have also attatched screenshots belowHWinfo.pnghpbn.png

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Journeyman III

Hello , do you have any solution for this? I have a hp with a R5 and a r7 M340, but the R7 isn´t work in any game. 

I have windows 10 , and i´m trying this card work correctly. I,ll apreciated any help to fix this problem . thanks .