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Journeyman III

"amd software detected that a driver timeout has occured on your system"

it's in the title. i have been getting this problem for a few days now. it has only been doing it for star wars battlefront 2, battlefield 1, and rainbow six siege (although siege was working when i tested it just now) games that do not get this error are team fortress 2, deep rock galactic, grand theft auto 5, and dark souls 3, among others. i have disabled multi plane overlay. i have disabled hardware acceleration (im actually on firefox right now and completely uninstalled chrome). i have disabled radeon anti lag. i have done a clean install of the latest drivers using DDU. i have taken out and put back in the graphics card (which i forgot to mention is an AMD rx 6600 xt). i have also done a rollback of windows 11 to 3 days before the problem when my computer was working completely fine for all of these games. there are a couple other things i have done but i cant remember what. im really at a loss right now, i dont know what else i can do and am out of answers.

to clarify the games will crash and i will receive this message along with:

"DirectX function "Dx11Renderer::tryMap" failed with
XDXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED (The video card has been
physically removed from the system, or a driver upgrade for
the video card has occurred. ). GPU: "AMD Radeon RX 6600
XT", Driver: 22.11.2
on). This error is usually caused by the graphics driver
crashing; try installing the latest drivers. Also, make sure you
have a supported graphics card with at least 2GB."

i will only receive the directx message sometimes though, it seems to be completely random, and i will get a varying degree of time before i crash but usually no more than a few minutes.

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Adept I

yup.. this has been an issue in the drivers for over 2 years now.  Usually anything Unreal based.  AMD claim they fixed it, but I'm pretty sure they have just buried their head in the sand at this point.  I've rolled back to some non WHQL certified drivers from November 2020.. it was the last stable set for my RX480.  Everything after that has been nothing but trouble.

Volunteer Moderator

You seem to have done everything I would have in this situation. Considering it doesn't do it for all games I would think it is a problem with the game it's self. Just to be sure, you could disable Windows Update's ability to update drivers using GPEDIT.  Solved: How to stop updates for drivers with Windows Updat... - AMD Community 

Other than what you have already done, I can't really think of what could be causing issues. 

@BigAl01  Might have some ideas.

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