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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

PC stops working after a few laggy minutes

5600g APU disconnects display after a few minutes in windows, makes the disconnection sound, tried cmos bios and ram reseating, driver uninstall and reinstall. What could be causing the issue? It works just fine in safe mode and i left it on for 20 mins just fine, but on regular windows it just gets laggy then goes off. System keeps working but screen is off:(

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List accurate hardware specs and every software you have running (what you installed after reinstall)

So. You turn computer on and don't do anything except move mouse enough to prevent it from going to sleep. What happens, how long does it take for it to crash? Keep task manager open so you see CPU,GPU and memory usage. Maybe install hwinfo64 to see temperatures?

Is this computer new? Has it ever worked properly?