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Journeyman III

No HDMI scaling on second monitor just the one

Ryzen 7, 19.5.1 drivers, RX 590. I have two monitors connected via two HDMI cables, I have only one monitor showing the HDMI scaling slider, not showing for the second monitor. Any ideas please.

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Journeyman III

I have the same problem. The scaling option with the slider was in the previous driver but no longer appears in 19.5.1.

I have 3 displays. The main one is on DP the other 2 on HDMI.

I never had the slider for display 2 but I didn't have any problem with it.

However on display 3 I had overscan and used the scaling to solve the problem. The Scaling slider simply disappeared in 19.5.1.

Journeyman III

I found a solution for me. Foreword : My computer is not in English. These are the best translation approximations.

Went in the Windows setting -> Display -> Advanced -> selected the affected display and clicked on the properties.

This opens a window in windows -> At the top go to the Screen tab and select an other refresh rate.

I changed mine from 60Hz to 59Hz and the slider magically reappeared  in the Radeon settings.

I hope this helps.

Yeap this worked fine for me, the slider was there but moving it did not change the % from 0, after going where you mentioned I had the screen at 29hz (?) put it in 60 and the slider worked fine. Thanks mate o/