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Journeyman III

New Drivers for Mac computers Radeon 5300M windows 10 pro Bootcamp

Hi, I have such a problem, maybe you have it too. I have a Macbook pro with Radeon 5300M.
I have windows 10 pro Bootcamp
Many games require a driver update from 21.10 or 21.11, and a driver update has not been released for the MacBook. Now the newest is 20.45
Is it possible to find a solution to this problem? How long to wait for the driver update? Or can there be other ways to solve the problem?
For computers, Windows already has updates 21.10 and 21.11 (photo).Screenshot_6.pngScreenshot_7.png

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I believe you are the third or fourth Mac BOOTCAMP User asking for a newer Bootcamp driver then 20.x.xx which is the latest on AMD Download  page.

I like to refer Bootcamp Users to this UNOFFICIAL BOOTCAMP DRIVER website where the Author modifies the latest AMD Driver to work in a Boot Camp environment on a Mac PC:

Not sure if the latest is compatible with your GPU card or not. Need to read the Release Notes and what it mentions on the website itself to find out.

NOTE: If the above Bootcamp driver doesn't work then you will need to wait for AMD to release an updated Bootcamp driver to download or see if Apple Support has a newer version to download.