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Need a reference for configuring xorg.conf

As a Void Linux user, following the instructions for installing AMD graphics drivers leaves me without any GUI for managing xorg.conf, and there's no available package to install something like fglrx or catalyst separately.
Obviously these old UIs aren't preferred, but I have nothing that is preferred, which leaves me with a lack of knowledge and no reference for putting together a proper xorg.conf.

And yes, on the nvidia side of things, nvidia-settings also isn't preferred, which leaves me in the same spot there too...
I actually have a question on it if anyone here would like or is capable of posting a solution (it's open for AMD as well).
no this isn't a redirection attempt I promise, just the more sources for properly managing a GPU, the better. ;)

But anyways, yeah, as a first timer with an AMD GPU, I currently have no frontend for controlling it, and every reference for configuring xorg I find is either a reference for driver developers (just a list of device params or options), or edge cases for building a niche config that doesn't suite my needs.

Where's there a good reference for properly structuring an xorg.conf file??
(or xorg.conf.d directory as modern sources seem to recommend)

That includes getting accurate information about the GPU you want to configure
I'm not entirely certain lspci is a good source for that (only the PCIe ID)

EDIT: it appears I've posted in the wrong section...
could I request a moderator move this thread to the Developer section, please and thanks :)

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