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Journeyman III

my amd rx 550 apparently supports opengl but it doesnt seem like any of my drivers do.

im unable to use any applications that require opengl.

they simply crash before stating that my drivers dont support opengl.

2 Replies

`To be able to give better suggestions what are the specs on your computer system including Make & Model of Motherboard, GPU, CPU and Windows and AMD Drivers installed?

What programs/Applications are the ones that are saying that AMD Drivers doesn't support OpenGL and what are the exact Error messages you are getting either from the Applications or Windows?

Download and run GPU-Z and upload it to see what information it is showing. At the bottom of the GPU-Z image it should show OpenCL and DX boxes checkmarked.

Here is the latest RX550 AMD Drivers from AMD Download page: 

You can also, for troubleshooting purposes, install a previous RX550 and see if it makes any difference from here: 

Here is the AMD Reference GPU Specs on the RX550 which does show supporting OpenGL 4.5: