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Journeyman III

MSI Afterburner Clock Speeds Changed After Installing 23.7.1

Hello, I don't speak English very well but I will try to be as clear as possible so that they understand me and can help me or clarify this question of whether what is happening to me is normal or not, or it just happens to me.

Before I had an old version of AMD Adrenalin, 22.3.1, I have used this version for a long time since it is the only version that does not give me errors.

It should be noted that: All this happens to me without having any programs open, everything is closed and only the Windows files are open in the background.

Today I update to the latest version which is 23.7.1, I update as always using the DDU. But after I finish installing the AMD software and put the final touches on it, I open MSI Afterburne and see that the GPU usage goes up to 1233 MHz (sometimes higher). The 1750 MHz MEM also goes up a lot (sometimes higher too) and eventually the GPU temps also go up to 45/50 (sometimes it goes up to 60 and the fans kick in)

Here below I attach images for you to see.

Down here everything is normal. GPU percentages are normal as is temperatur.

And down here, as shown in the image, the GPU percentages increase out of nowhere as does the temperature. 

This happens every few seconds in a row, that is, they go up and then settle and then go back up and then settle. And so in an endless loop.

This never happened to me with other versions, only with this one.

Should I worry about this and go back to the version I had before, does it happen to someone else or just me, is it normal for this to happen with this version of the driver, any solutions?

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Adept I

yes, this happens, Msi afterburner is not friends with AMD software, when opening Msi afterburner, Amd Adrenalin settings will be reset


Hmm… I just tried what you told me, I closed MSI Afterburner and the same thing keeps happening to me, the GPU percentages go up as well as the temperatures