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Journeyman III

MSI 6700XT Adrenaline

Hi,First of all I am very happy new user of MSI Mech 6700 xt graphic card. I jumped from 1060 and i do not regret but I have a problem with drivers:

First drivers which I had was 22.5 - I was super suprised how good looks and works in compare to those which I had with my old radeon years ago. I had a problem - I setup my own UV and save profile. It was not big deal: I just undervolted from 1200 to 1150 and frequency from ~ 2560 to 2450. My Radeon was max 85 in hot spot and less noise. My profile was saved ad apllied - So where was the problem ?

On every 10 Windows start - 8x times has message from Adrenalin - something went wrong - Wattman changed settings to default.

So I decided to change location of my saved profile file directly to D - drive (I thought maybe some access to file failed by rules) - didnt help so I updated drivers to 22.11. From this moment I have not 1 but 2 problems:

1. The same profile loading on Windows starting failed

2. Random black screen on desktop application - not on game ? Black screen appeared for over 1 minute and get messseage - about "black screen" and Wattman bring back default tuning profile (not mine).

I back to 22.5. No black screens but loading profile issue...still.

What is wrong ? Do you have solution for this case ?

My spec:

- AMD 5600x (not OC/UV)

- MSI b350 TOMAHAWK (newest BIOS)

- AMD MSI Mech 6700XT

- 32GB RAM 4x8 2400Mhz

- 4 SSDs (1NVME)

- PS 550W 80+Gold Plus Coolermaster

- ACER 27 inch - native 1440p 75Mhz

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