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Journeyman III

Monitors disconnect and reconnect when waking from sleep

I am currently running an AMD Radeon 5700XT on the current version of AMD drivers with an Intel 6700K and 16GB of RAM with 2 1080p 60hz HDMI monitors and 1 1440p 144hz Display Port monitor.  When I upgraded to AMD Driver version 21.12.1 for Halo Infinite, I discovered a bug where, when my monitors go to sleep and wake back up, Windows registers them as disconnecting and reconnecting, which causes all the open windows on my desktop to be rearranged.  This started on version 21.12.1 and persists on 22.1.1.  Running DDU and reverting to version 21.11.3 resolves the issue.  This appears to be a bug with version 21.12.1 going forward.  

I have submitted a bug report via the AMD Software.  This issue is caused by something with the driver and will need to be fixed by the AMD team.  I am just creating this thread to bring it to AMD's and others attention.  If you too are experiencing this issue, please leave a comment.  Thanks.

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