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Journeyman III

Instant replay audio

I started using amd instant replay to save my clips. it works really good. the only problem i have is that you cant hear my friends on discord. when i save a clip you can only hear the game audio and in a separate file my microphone. you cant hear my friends in discord. i would love to hear my discord friends in the separate audio file or mixed with the game recording. i think i know what the problem is. i have the headset steelseries Arctics7 and it splits chat audio and game audio. and amd instant replay doesnt record the chat audio and i cant turn it on. i would be great if they made an option to record multiple audio sources. but thats not possible yet and i dont know how to solve this problem.

i hope anyone can help me with this problem.

thanks in advance

(example of the issue)

(in the first few seconds of the video i clap my hands with the audio on chat which amd instant replay doesnt record(but i want it to record that). after another few seconds i switch it to game audio which it does record (i dont want it to record like that). the difference between chat audio and game audio is that the quality is bad when i use game audio and i cant use the slider on my headset to adjust the chat volume.)

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Journeyman III

I have the same problem, have you already gotten a solution?