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I have a problem with Radeon R7

I have a problem with my Hp elitedesk 705 G3
The processor is AMD A12 PRO 8870 With Radeon R7
I downloaded the graphics card driver, but when installing it, it gives me a resolution of 640 * 480, and it does not allow me to change it permanently, as in the pictures.
And when disabling the definition of the graphic card from the device manager, it gives me two options for the resolution (1024 * 768) and (800 * 600), but it does not give me a resolution more than that, and I want 1400 * 1050, and I cannot do that.

Note: The problem is not with the screen, because the monitor works on my other device at a resolution of 1400 * 1050, and there are no problems, also, the problem is not with the operating system, because I tried Windows 10 and Windows 11, and the same problem is repeated.

329384945_905357464119907_3310918049653625415_n.jpg329464258_623251536233994_5257650308075984723_n.jpgScreenshot 2023-04-01 010358.png



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