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How to install Wi-Fi drivers

Hello, just got my new pc with a AMD Ryzen 5 2400G CPU and a AMD A320M PRO-M2 motherboard, im using Ethernet rightnow to write this, but i wanna use Wi-Fi. So can someone help me install wifi drivers?

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According to MSI, that motherboard does not feature integrated WiFi, so you will need to purchase a WiFi card.

May I suggest the PCIe WiFi/Bluetooth Card I purchased a couple of years ago. Uses Intel WiFI/Bluetooth Drivers and it works great.

My Asus Sabertooth FX990 doesn't come with WiFi nor Bluetooth. This card gives my computer those two options.

It is a Gigabyte Wifi/Bluetooth PCIe Card. Not very expensive. Here it is from 

I use it for my Bluetooth Headset and Wireless connection to my Smart Phone.  It has worked without any problems so far. I update the Intel Drivers using Intel own Update driver program.


I found a Fenvi card out of China with the Intel 9260 chip on it and I have been using them now for several months fine.

 get wave 2 802.11ac and bluetooth 5 

The Fenvi version mounts the 9260 on a PCIe card and a small heatsink so that the card can be used 24/7 heavily without problems.

I have been happy with it and I can recommend it as very good for its price.

Got to admit the Fenvi is a newer version with higher version of Bluetooth then my Gigabyte card and about the same price at Newegg: Fenvi FV-9260 Desktop Wireless PCI Express Wi-Fi Adapter, Up to 1730Mbps Data Rates, Bluetooth 5.0, ... 

I bought mine from China long before somebody started selling them on NewEgg or Amazon

An alternative is a M.2 slot on a PCIe card with antennae jacks and a usb cable for the bluetooth

my card needs usb for the bluetooth which should have been integrated into the card

Or you could go for a WiFi/Bluetooth dongle...which is what I use: 

This is what I use. Doesn't have Bluetooth, but adapters can be found under $10 easily.

Intel has long had integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as their hardware is integrated mostly into laptops. Realtek also has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and do does Broadcom etc,

So this Asus product is well behind the curve compared to the cards I use.


It's a budget board. Not too many bells and whistles on those. I have had very good luck with the cheap dongles for Bluetooth and WiFi I get on Ebay.  Awesome everyone above gave some solid choices of what they know works!


I went for an uppity Intel based card as I wanted the wave 2 features of 802.11ac in addition to Bluetooth 5. This more modern Wi-Fi will be useful for a long time before Intel or somebody comes up with a better controller supporting 802.11ax along with Bluetooth etc.

Most 802.11ac boxes allow clients to use 2T2R hardware for maximum bandwidth.


Sounds like nice hardware. For my desktops in my home and honestly at work. I am still running ethernet. I only have one desktop at home in my workshop connected by Wireless and use a dual band AC dongle for that. I don't have any Bluetooth 5 on anything yet. I mostly only use BT to connect mice, keyboards an Game Pads. I like the Broadcom BT 4.0 dongles they are cheap, reliable and plug and play as the drives are already in Windows 10.


I have JBL Flip 3 speaker so its on BT, mouse is BT but the keyboard is wired. I have 2 other BT speakers but right now Windows is not able to handle multiple devices.

Phone gimmick in windows hello is buggy. Not sure if redmond is very worried about the problems or not.

I use Ethernet mostly for my NAS and printer etc which are all stacked. Someday I may buy an EIA rack and buy a bigger NAS.