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Adept I

How do I install my drivers WITHOUT installing the extra bloat that comes with Radeon Software?

I do not want to stream. I do not want AMD to monitor my system or launch games on my computer. I do not want an extra web browser. I want the drivers ONLY. Please tell me how to install the drivers without this software before I boycott your brand for good. I'm using a Radeon RX 5700 XT.

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Adept II

I'll sign this petition!!!

installing driver only.PNG

Hope this helps, you do not need the software running. Make sure to uninstall or keep it from opening.

Hmmm.... This is what I got DarkAngel... Which folder do I choose?amd.jpg


They released new driver/software 19.12.3 update I would try that out and if it has any problems just go to apps & features and uninstall AMD Software. You should now have latest driver but without the software "which I feel is causing problems even with nothing toggled". 


Nope. Uninstall the software ya lose the driver too.


You should have all drivers in the AMD folder where all drivers and software is installed. In screenshot you can see where the latest driver is located and that the software is not installed. Still random reboot with latest software so I uninstalled it and made sure latest driver is installed on GPU.pastedImage_1.png


Thank you, but I just installed an older driver: 19.12.1, which at least gives me the option not to install Radeon Bloatware. Whether or not I continue with this brand will be determined by their response to this disastrous rollout. The idea that my $400 hardware can be sabotaged by overzealous coders leaves me with no confidence in this brand, in spite of their recent technological leaps. 

This still worked for me today, using the current October 2020 bloatware unzipped download as a source for the Windows update driver function. I wouldn't have bothered, but a game asked for a driver update.

Adept I

Seriously - the AMD team needs to worry less about streaming and social media integration and more about their users crashing less frequently when they, gee, I don't know .. try to play a bloody game or something.

Does the installer have the option for 'Custom Install'?


Nope. AMD has resorted to forcing useless crap onto their customers.

If you just want to install the driver and its related software but nothing else, you were correct in using Device Manager.

First use DDU in Safe mode with Internet disconnected and also delete C:\AMD folder in the Root Directory. After it reboots back to Windows desktop, with the internet still disconnected, run the AMD installation program. When it asks to install, cancel it to prevent it from continuing to install the driver or simply use 7-zip to unpack the AMD installation .exe.

Now all you have to do is go to Device Manager - Display and use Update Driver. Guide it to the AMD Folder that was created when you cancelled the installation program at C:\AMD or when you unpacked it using 7-Zip.

No need to guide inside the AMD folder. Device Manager will automatically scan the entire folder for the appropriate driver and install it with the minimal related software if applicable like Radeon Settings.

After the driver has been updated, again delete the AMD Folder from C:\ or where you unpacked to save Disk space and to prevent future conflicts in driver installations.

Note: Make sure you delete all previous AMD installation programs and folders.

Journeyman III

Here's an alternate way too that may be easier

Run the AMD Cleanup Utility and uninstall everything if you already installed the drivers. Then download the drivers as you would usually.

Open that .exe with 7zip and you will see Bin64,Config,Packages and Setup.exe. Go into Packages and extract "Drivers". Go into Device Manager and then expand "Display Adapters". It should say something like "Microsoft Basic Adapter". Click "Update Driver", "Browse my computer for driver software", then browse for that Driver folder.

Journeyman III

I just purchased a RX 5700 two weeks ago and will be returning it because I hate AMD's driver and I hate that I'm forced to use this stupid Radeon bloatware. It has been crashing my games and makes things unbearable. This is a shame because the RX 5700 is a good value card. I've been using Nvidia for a long time and really wanted to support ATI/AMD again since the last time I used this brand was when 4870 was out. But I won't because the software sucks.

Journeyman III

Thank you guys, in particular darkangel2154!

I was horrified when I tried to update my graphics drivers recently and got hit with a boatload of stuff I didn't ask for.

In previous AMD graphics driver packages there were options which allowed the user to ditch unwanted features. I expected this to be retained from previous versions and felt violated when these features were crammed into my system without prior notice or consent.

After spending some frustratingly ineffective time looking for a way to disable the stuff I didn't want to use and discovering that all I could do was disable hotkeys, I decided to give it a few days and see if it worked ok.

However, I experienced weird freezes when changing between my game in a fullscreen window and other windows on other monitors.I assume that some feature that is meant to permit control of game graphics behaviour or provide an overlay which I don't want is messing with my cherished ability to smoothly swap between game, voice chat, browser (not edge) and other windows.

While this weird half second delay before the windows update again on change has been annying me for a few days, today I decided it was enough. After reading this thread, I ditched the junk and installed only the extracted driver. like a charm. No brief freeze when alt-tabbing or moving to another window with the mouse.

I run three fullHD displays on a R9 390, which worked fine before the bloatware attack and works fine now again without the ballast.


The forum moderator refused to allow my post.

My solution was to completely uninstall the AMD monster.

Restart- awful desktop appearance of course. Don’t fix it just

reinstall, but his time click don’t launch at the end of the install.

Shut down and restart. Use windows controls to set up your desktop appearance and parameters.

Do not revisit the evil one.

I see the AMD software listed in processes but its no longer using any significant resources.

In fact, none!

Journeyman III

I agree with all comments above, also my new 8Gb RX580 is crashy and slower than the 4gb 1050 it replaced, the invasive radeon is the final straw, if I can't get it working with just drivers only I am back to intel and nvidea, why so awful to your users AMD, we don't want invasive windows like spyware.


Uninstall and/or fresh start install.

Run the installer package- when it ends DO NOT HIT LAUNCH.

Close and reboot.

Bobs your uncle….. works for me.

Journeyman III

The 7-zip solution worked, thanks to the original poster for that, to anyone else coming to this thread, here's a tip.

Extract to a folder on your desktop and when you go to device manager to update the windows driver, you need to drill a bit to find the driver folder so:-


Then reboot after it install and you are good to go, my PC already feels 5KG lighter!

Adept II

I 100% agree with OP and everything said in here. AMD needs to offer options during their driver installation asap, instead of forcing all that useless crap to everyone. 

All social madia, streaming, monitoring pc related things should not be forced. Nvidia at least makes all that crap optional so you can only install the driver.

This is a huge letdown by AMD, if they can't even offer that kind of flexibility/ option to their users.

As OP said, I don't want to stream, or have AMD monitor my pc, neither do I start games from my driver. All of this should be optional. AMD should take this feedback seriously because like @bhtco I am about to go back to Nvidia just because of this forced stupid software. 

PS:@ pisdoff did you start  these reddit posts? Nice to see other people agree on the topic. 

Journeyman III

I recently found this thread because I was looking for a way to do this driver-only install and, in the process of following some overly complicated videos, I stumbled on this surprisingly simple fix on my own:

1. Install the Adrenaline software/drivers normally (or just leave them if they're already installed.)

2. Go to Programs/Features in the Control Panel and uninstall the AMD Radeon software. (Reboot after it's done.)

3. Use Device Manager to check the display adapter driver. The AMD driver should still be listed.

This worked for me with an RX 590 in Win10 Pro x64. I hope it works for you!

Journeyman III

How can you adjust per-game settings(per-game graphics, per-game colour etc.), screen settings(like AMD freesync, screen colour calibration etc.)? 

Journeyman III

Just purchased RX 5600 XT last week and encounter same problems, anyone using same gpu? Which driver version is stable for 5600 xt? I see someone said 19.12.1 is a stable one, but it seems does not support 5600 xt. Any help would be nice. Thanks

Journeyman III

Thank you for wasting my time AMD.

Adding unnecessary key bindings and messing with my tools

I want the possibility to not install your crappy and useless software.