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HEVC Codec not installed: Install the HEVC Codec from the Microsoft Store

I've got an AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT using the latest Adrenalin software (22.10.2) on a fully up-to-date Windows 11 system.  I just ran the Windows Troubleshooter for Video Playback and it came back with:

"HEVC Codec not installed: Install the HEVC Codec from the Microsoft Store"

Is this actually correct?  The Adrenalin software does not include an HEVC codec?  Assuming that's true, does anyone have a recommendation for such a codec?

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In the past I was using Shark007 to install all the Audio and Video Codec needed to run any type of videos and Audio files.

Then I switched to K-lite Codecs which does the same thing but more features plus get rid of any codecs that might cause issues. Here is the link if interested:

From K-lite Codec Support concerning HEVC:

On Windows 10/11 you can install some additional Media Foundation codecs for WMP. This will allow you to play some additional video formats, such as HEVC and VP9. This forces WMP to use the DirectShow codecs from K-Lite instead of the Media Foundation codecs from Windows.

Have you tried restarting your PC then Open Microsoft Store > Sign-in your Microsoft account Search HEVC Video Extensions then click Install **Reset the Microsoft Store cache Press the Windows Logo Key + R to open the Run dialog box, type wsreset.exe, and then select OK.


Try this one from MS.

HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer 

Just in case added 2 other codecs.

AV1 Video Extension 

VP9 Video Extensions 

Free HEVC no more exist...


Searching for the HEVC Video Extensions in the Microsoft Store results in MS' $0.99 version.  Qanatoz' link brings up the free version in a browser.  The following will open the store and go to that same free version:


I grabbed that and it works.

Oddly, before I did that, I tried VLC (which supposedly contains an H265 codec).  But, the Windows Video Troubleshooter still complained there was no HEVC codec and a sample video I tried came up with a black screen.  With the free Microsoft version, that same video works fine.