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Adept I

Grayzone Warfare Texture Flickering

Hello AMD,


I am having an issue in the new Early Access game Grayzone Warfare (GZW). I updated my drivers to 24.4.1 (which did state that it had support for GZW).

My hardware is 6700XT.


I am having an issue where the textures in the game are flickering / flashing white. Typically the background mountains or the pools of water.

I will admit that I have been double frame generating, both FSR in the game, and FMF in the driver settings. Frame generation does seem to exacerbate the issue, but turning off all frame generation does not completely resolve the issue.


In GZW - all my settings are on LOW.

I have tried both Fullscreen / Borderless  Fullscreen - the issue remains.

I have FSR 3 turned on. All quality settings experience the issue - even Native AA.


There is a reddit where other people are commenting on this:

There does seem to be a common theme:

  • 6700XT
  • 6900XT
  • 6800XT
  • 6950XT

My friend who has a 7900XTX does not experience the same issue (and he has been double frame genning as well).


I have not yet tried a DDU or a shader cache reset (I will attempt these and report back).


Would it be possible to it investigated?

Kind regards,


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Adept I

6950 XT / 5900x / 32gb ddr4


Using the 24.4.1 drivers. (after using DDU and AMDcleanup in safe mode)


Getting the exact same flickering using all in-game settings including FG on and off, FSR on and off.

Adept III

I also have the same.


7800 XT / 5800x3d / 32gb ddr4


Game settings on Medium with FSR on Tried Balanced and Quality.  Especially when flying to the LZ

Adept I

Same problem. 6900 XT. Next my GPU will be from nVidia. They haven't been able to fix a bug in DayZ for 3 years. So I no longer have hope for this company.

Adept I

I have a potential fix until AMD themselves fix it.


Turn off Instant Replay. The issue is 100% rectified.


Hope it works for you guys.

I Don't have that enabled. Waiting on hotfix3 to come out.


It works for me! Thank you so much! Still have some weapon flickering during helicopter fly but it is not a big problem.

Adept I

I think I have some further information. It might be related to ultrawide aspect ratios. I am seeing a lot of people in that Reddit suggest that they have 21:9 aspect ratio.

Journeyman III

Hi i record some video for users AMD its 100% working fix for flickering have fun!

Adept I

Turning off "Instant Replay" does seem to fix it for some people.

My "Instant Replay" feature was never turned on. Turning it on and then off again does not resolve it.

Community Manager

We are taking a look at this issue, I'll be back to update the thread when I have any additional updates to share. 

Please keep in mind though that this game is early access and is still under development.

“Dear” Matt


i get a constant GPU dump crash triggered in grayzone warfare, what causes this?

i have tx 6600 xt and ryzen 7-7500G, whenever grayzone warfare crashes, and i do a amd adrenalin driver update, my pc freezes after 30 seconds, when clicking right mouse button the driver software is “ loading…” my pc can not be shut down as per normal, i have to push the starter button, is i then restart my pc, again freezes…

so grayzone warfare and amd are not working together, nvidia does not encounter this issue…

i will never again buy any component related to amd, its not good

Journeyman III


6700xt grass textures flickering when FSR is enabled

Adept II

Same issue here, would be great to get a better driver for this game really. Terrible performance on my 6800xt


They released a new driver but it only lowered the fps lol. The problem is still unresolved


Just to confirm, does the flickering still occur for you with AFMF disabled?


Hi Matt

Just letting you know disabling AFMF does seem to have solved the flickering I was seeing.