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Journeyman III

Graphics card issues

Hi there! new to forums but decided i'd see if i can get some questions and issues answered from here. I have a RX 570 'red devil' and i recently bought it from a friend and it worked fine, but out of no where it would just disconnect the monitor and leave the PC running but freeze windows, the reason i know it would freeze windows is because the display would go away first then the audio, but PC stays powered on. After this i got help from the friend and updated the drivers, worked fine until 2 days later done the same as before, but always when i play games (GTA V, tarkov, ghost recon wild lands, etc.) and sometimes very rarely on desktop, i done some searching and all conclusions pointed towards software/driver issues but couldn't find anything for my situation. 

PC Specs:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D2V

Windows 10 x64

Graphics Card: rx 570 'red devil' 

Ram: 12 gb DDR3 (unbranded)

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 @3.40ghz - (Liquid cooled)

PSU: Corsair AX650

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Adept II

Many of us are having this (or very similar) problem. From the tests I have been able to do, I think it has to do with the last Windows update that came out recently.


I've fixed the issue on my own system after the recent update and I use a Vega 56, and the fix was to reinstall the graphics card driver with a factory reset and deletion of precepts two times in a row, because the first installation did not work, but the second time it did work!

I know this may seem strange, but it actually works if you try it, at least it did for me.

You do a factory reset directly at the beginning of the driver installation of the graphics card, then uncheck save precepts, and let them be deleted.

Do this the first time, then reboot the computer and see if it works, if it still black screen crashes, reinstall the driver again with a factory reset and follow the same procedure, and it should now work the second time after rebooting the computer.

Note: I have sometimes have to reinstall the drivers up to tree times before the black screen crashed went away on my system, and i have no idea as to why this is happening or why this fix actually works for me every time, but it does.

It does not hurt trying.

I have already done the reinstallation of the drivers in a thousand different ways, even using old drivers (the ones that AMD released in September) and it has not worked in any case.

From what I've been researching, there are very few people for whom a factory reset has worked.


Strange, it has always worked for me, and I mean, always.

Question, have you ever reinstalled the graphics card driver in the same way as I explained up to three times in a row or even more after each other and rebooting the computer like I explained?

Like I said, I have had to do a clean install / factory reset with a deletion of precepts up to three times IN A ROW before the black screen crashes went away.

I also did not reinstall the drivers in different ways, but in the same way every time!

So it does not hurt trying.


Just tried this but still the same issue, the gpu is now not being recognised whenever i go into the radeon software


Do you have Windows 10 updated as well?

And you need to reboot the computer after reinstalling the AMD graphics driver.

Besides, if you install the drivers correctly, they should always be recognized. Try reinstalling again. Reinstalling several times after each other have been the reason for solving all the black screen crashes for me.